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Am I Catallaxy’s lone feminist?

…With apologies to Andrew Norton. Over at Thoughts on Freedom, there’s a lively debate going on about some comments of Hayek’s, where among other things, John Quiggin noted that: Hayek opposed what he called ‘dogmatic democracy’. He suggested denying the vote to government employees and recipients of welfare benefits, as a possible first step towards […]

A fraction too much fiction concluded

Chapter One is here; Chapter Two is here. PLANT CLOSURE Rumours about Holden’s planned closure of operations in Logan City were confirmed yesterday when the managing director of Holden in Queensland, Mr Simon Wheelwright, confirmed that the plant would close in a week’s time. Angry workers staged a protest outside the company offices in Brisbane […]

Landmark US case on female circumcision

A case for those who are interested in the interface between universal human rights and cultural relativism. When does something stop being a unique cultural practice and become a criminal offence? In a decision which is believed to be the first of its kind in the US, a Judge in Georgia sentenced an Ethiopian man […]

Weekend YouTube – Aerials, System of a Down

Well, Jason appears to have flocked off for the duration, which means instead of jazz and blues, you’ll have to put up with my headbanging affectations. Aerials is a personal favourite in the genre, if only because I think it captures exactly what would happen if an alien turned up on mother earth. Over the […]

Open Forum 18/11/06

Since Jason hasn’t emerged to kick off the Open Forum, I thought I’d better do it instead. Bring your rants and raves up here, folks.

A fraction too much fiction continued

Chapter One is here The Family Services officer came to the Spiteris’, came striding down their street of Housing Commission butterboxes on stilts. Sixteen, she told Mr Spiteri, was legally old enough to leave home. Mr Spiteri called her a diseased convict dick. She stared calmly ahead, clipboard secure under one arm. She smiled sweetly. […]

There’s a fraction too much fiction

Come from jaded lands to us, come from the sullen gloom, To sunny soils and cities sweet, to Love and Liberty! Bernard O’Dowd, The Southern Call, 1913 I ‘I have to stop again, Irene,’ Donna says, tapping her on the shoulder. Irene Neils is driving, with her friend Donna Spiteri beside her. Donna is suddenly […]

Off to market we go!

Disclosure: this is a paid review Inspired by the intrepid Yobbo, I’ve signed Catallaxy up to Review I figure we market advocates should put our money – or at least our politics – where our mouths are. That means, along with Google’s ads, we’re in the process of developing a market base for the […]

Protocol and work supervision in the law firm

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day. She had just started a new job. “One of the most stressful things is knowing when it’s appropriate to bother my boss,” she told me worriedly. “I don’t know what I’m doing half the time, and I feel like such a pain when I […]

Just buildin me meth lab, officer…

After a while, even party drugs begin to pall. I’ve just spent nearly a fortnight on circuit. All His Honour did was sentences. 99% of those sentences were for drug offences. One murder, no manslaughter, no GBH. Sexual offences make their way – unless at the Bilal Skaf level of seriousness – to the District […]