Dolly and Ferris

By Legal Eagle

“Dolly clasped Ferris to her ample bosom. ‘Promise you’ll never leave me,’ she said, tears welling in her eyes.”

If I ever write a novel, I have decided that I will steal names from the wonderful people who send me spam. Dolly Burroughs and Ferris Kasper are two of those people. I’ve decided that they are characters from a Mills & Boon style novel. Hence the sentence above.

I have also received spam from:

  • Reed Wu
  • Allan Grimm
  • Zion Powell
  • Octavio Duncan
  • Mable (sic) Dodge
  • Frieda Lacey
  • Elbert Griffin
  • Lincoln Cline
  • Tammara (sic) Garnet
  • Giacopo Jeana
  • Cameron Perez
  • Maribel Roy

How can you go past names like those?

Isn’t it nice to know that you are loved by someone? Even if it’s just “Reed Wu” trying to sell you Adobe Suite 3 Design.

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  1. fairlane
    Posted May 28, 2007 at 10:42 am | Permalink

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    Chuck and Jane just dropped me a line to see if I’m interested in making $10,000 a month from home. (A particularly stupid question I might add. Who wouldn’t be?)

    Harriet J. has replica Rolex watches and Jewelry.

    And John and Sarah Kalabi, from Ghana, are willing to share their gold and diamonds with me if I can help them out.

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