Monthly Archives: May 2007

Merit and the judiciary

Chief Justice Warren of the Victorian Supreme Court has called for appointments to the Supreme Court to be made on the basis of merit first, and said that the government must not put a desire for diversity above a desire for a capable, functioning judiciary. In her inaugural address for Law Week this week, she […]

Can anyone top this?

I knew a guy with a very long double-barreled surname. It was so long that it didn’t fit on his graduation certificate. We used to joke with his girlfriend at the time that if she married him, perhaps they’d have to have a very, very long triple-barreled surname. The relationship didn’t last, so she escaped […]

Listing a law firm on the stock exchange

I saw in The Australian today that law firm and personal injury specialist Slater & Gordon had incorporated and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Most law firms are partnerships. The partners fall into two groups. Equity partners own part of the firm itself. They have a say in the way in which the firm […]

How do I get the time?

I was just speaking to my dear Grandma (with my dear Grandpa making comments in the background). She asked, “How do you get the time to do this blogging thing?” I was just delighted that she and my Grandpa read my blog. What awesome grandparents they are. Jim Belshaw noticed that my post last night […]

Citizenship tests II (or why I hate multiple-choice)

Have a look at some of the proposed citizenship questions, reported in the Herald Sun. Apparently I’m not the only one who is severely unimpressed. I really dislike dumb multiple choice questions. Quite often on forms and the like I can think of more than one answer which applies, but I’m just supposed to tick […]

It’s a tigery kind of week

Couldn’t resist putting in another tiger picture, from this story here. My daughter’s favourite animals are doggies, tigers, turtles, ducks and bees. She will like this picture – featuring not only three adorable tiger cubs of different colours, but a dog and her puppy. The tigers’ mother rejected them so the dog, called Huani, is […]

Diving tigers

Look at this awesome photo of a diving tiger from Pravda. I knew that tigers swam, but I had no idea that they dived underwater as well. Click on this link to see more pictures. I have to say that it would be pretty scary to be a fish in that pool. Thank you, Patrick, […]

Drugs and the law

Craziness! A top barrister has been admitted to hospital. He collapsed in a hotel, allegedly after a prostitute administered drugs to him. It is not clear at this point what the drug was or whether it was administered with the barrister’s consent. Another top barrister has said lawyers should be drug tested because of drug […]

Privacy Act? Extreme Irritation Act, more like it…

Right at the start of this blog I had a whinge about privacy laws. I’m going to have another one now. What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t have a vent on it? Our energy accounts are both with the same company, and both in my husband’s name. I accidentally paid the […]

School pays for bullying

I’ve written very recently on the phenomenon of people suing schools. In a decision handed down yesterday, Cox v State of New South Wales [2007] NSWSC 471, a bullied teenager from NSW has been awarded substantial damages and an income for life as a result of bullying sustained while he was at school (primary school […]