Monthly Archives: April 2008

Judicial activism

The common law is an interesting and organic beast. To explain: our basic system of law is judge-made law. The common law became somewhat inflexible in medieval times, and thus many litigants started appealing to the King. The King got sick of dealing with the petitions, and palmed them off to the Lord Chancellor. Eventually, […]

Toddlers as witnesses

The other day, I was driving my 2 year old daughter to creche. She announced with satisfaction and great confidence from the back of the car, “One day, Mummy broke my fingers.” I saw her make an illustrative wiggle of the said fingers in the rear view mirror. “What?” I cried with horror. “I have never […]

Talking with the Taxman about Teacakes

Turns out that HM Revenue and Customs have been caught out by the complexity of their own legislation. The teacake – a popular British tooth-wrecker – has been wrongly taxed for the last 20 years. Even worse, it’s the teacake sold by British institution, Marks & Spencer, that’s been on the receiving end: The UK […]

Now I’m really disturbed

Someone found my blog via a google search for “whale penis”. I didn’t even know that I had used that second word in this blog! I know I used the word “whale” in a post featuring a picture of a little boy swimming with a whale. I don’t even dare think why someone might be searching for […]

Is Oxford on Al Gore’s itinerary?

Inquiring minds want to know. Woke up this morning for a spot of early morning study, to be greeted by the scene over the fold. More pics to follow on Facebook – the lovely historic buildings do look impressive dressed in white. This shot was taken out of my window. UPDATE: A public Facebook photo […]

Property law and the One Ring

Can it really be true? Yes, it is true. The blog Law is Cool features an essay about Lord of the Rings from a property law perspective! Here is a brief extract: Consider the following facts which seem ripped from a first year property law exam: Sauron holds ownership in the Ring through accession, by […]


The other day, I watched the film Fitna on YouTube, a film about Islam by Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I had read some interesting reviews by Skepticlawyer at Catallaxy, Pommygranate at Australian Libertarian Society Blog and Saint at Dogfight At Bankstown. I must […]