Best Blog Posts of 2008

By skepticlawyer

For those of you who’ve been floating around Ozblogistan for a while, you’ll probably know about Online Opinion and Club Troppo’s annual exercise in tracking down the best writing around the place. If you’re new to the system, the idea is to nominate up to six of your favourite posts from the last year (with no more than three from any one blogger) in the comments to Troppo’s call for nominations (which, quite apart from anything else, explains how the system works rather neatly). This (large) list — and it does get pretty big, usually over 100 comments with multiple nominations in each — then gets whittled down by four editors, including yours truly. The final thirty or so are published over the course of a month on Online Opinion. It gives Ozblogging a nice publicity boost, and — quite apart from anything else — shows that there is plenty of good writing outside the traditional dead tree media.

Last year’s final list is here; it should give you some idea of what we’re looking for.

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