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We’ve just had a general blogroll defestification and update, and you’ll note some new people in both sets of picks. Welcome to Witty Knitter, the new Pavlov’s Cat, Penguin Unearthed, Blogger on the Cast-Iron Balcony, Iain Hall, DeusExMacintosh, Jarrah Job (formerly known as fatfingers) and Strange Times. All of you have also commented pretty regularly, and we greatly value your input.

Our general policy with blogrolling is that a given blogger goes into Legal Eagle’s or my ‘picks’ column based on (a) subjective preference and (b) who discovered them first. Obviously enough, we both enjoy each other’s bloglinks — just because you’re on LE’s list doesn’t mean that I don’t read your blog, and vice versa.

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, LE has done much better than me at finding interesting blogs, although I’m very pleased with my solitary find — Strange Times. I didn’t realise until Jason Soon promoted some of their posts over at Catallaxy that a blogger I’ve long admired — David Jackmanson — is one of their writers. David is a gifted photographer and I used to steal his images regularly when I was Chooser-in-Chief at Club Troppo’s Missing Link. He can also take a great deal of the credit for organising the recent nation-wide protests against Rudd’s befuddled internet censorship plan. So more power to your pen/camera, David!


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    Nice to be listed with people whose writing I admire. I must admit I’ve let my blogrolls (in fact, all my sidebars) slip since I started using a feed reader.

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    Well, it’s now snowing steadily, and Tom Tower is wearing a nice suit of white. Just thought I’d let y’all know that 🙂

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    Snow indeed! I am glad to see that I and two others from my own little blogging world are still on LE’s list!

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    Thanks very much, SL! Mind you, you’ve just destroyed whatever credibility I had left with the Larvatus Prodeo crowd :p

    I should point out that I was just the Queensland Media Manager for the anti-censorship protests – luckily I was able to work with other people who had their act together (such a luxury when you’re being an activist!)

    BTW the wiki where the DLC (Digital Liberty Coalition) is organising future protests against Rudd/Conroy’s internet censorship plan is here:

    and the forums are here:

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