UK Conservative Party Conference

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Conservative leader David Cameron has said he is “ready to be tested” if his party wins power, in his last conference speech ahead of an election. He said times would be “tough” but his party would “rebuild responsibility” to “put Britain back on her feet”…

Mr Cameron praised some Labour achievements, including the minimum wage and civil partnerships but said the party believed “for every problem there’s a government solution” which had led to a “steady erosion of responsibility”…

He said a Conservative government would roll back “big government” in favour of a “stronger society”.

Mr Cameron said if his party won the next election – which has to be called by June 2010 – “it is going to be tough” and there would be a “steep climb ahead”. But he promised “the view from the summit will be worth it”.

The wide ranging speech saw Mr Cameron promise to tackle welfare dependency and anti-social behaviour, boost business, improve the NHS and put a cap on some immigration. He reiterated several previous pledges but concentrated on delivering his vision of what a Conservative government would do for Britain.

It would reward those who took responsibility and care for those who could not, he said, adding he wanted a country where “the poorest children go to the best schools not the worst, where birth is never a barrier”.

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