I broke them, YOU buy them

By DeusExMacintosh

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by his comments that women should try to remain virgins until they are married.

Mr Abbott agreed that his ”minders” may have been concerned by his public airing of his private views on such topics, but he said today’s politicians “inevitably” had to face more such questions than their counterparts a generation ago.

In a revealing interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly, Mr Abbott said women should try to stick to ”the rules” when considering sex before marriage.

When they cannot abstain, women should use contraception, the former Catholic seminarian says…

Mr Abbott conceded that he could face criticism for his statements, given his own sexual activity before marriage, which became public in 2005, when it was believed he had fathered a son of his former girlfriend Kathy Donnelly.

DNA testing later proved Daniel O’Connor, then working in the federal parliamentary press gallery, was not his son.

“I have a very chequered past and I don’t claim to be an exemplar of virtue in any way”, Mr Abbott told 3AW.

As to what Australians would think of his statements, given his personal history, Mr Abbott said: “I will let other people make those judgements.”

The Age

It’s such a simple little rule…

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  1. Lang Mack
    Posted January 29, 2010 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

    I think the fellow is quite mad. I do feel sorry for his family to an extent, they appear to be going along with the charade, guess it’s ‘he who butters your bread’, loyalty and acceptance.

    It’s just not possible, I have to believe, that this carpetbagger of partisan purity, will get even a hint of leading this country.

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