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Dave New World

David Cameron has launched his “big society” drive to empower communities, describing it as his “great passion”. In a speech in Liverpool, the prime minister said groups should be able to run post offices, libraries, transport services and shape housing projects. Also announcing plans to use dormant bank accounts to fund projects, Mr Cameron said […]

Too much of a value

Legal Eagle’s post on screaming children and deafened passengers on a long-haul flight put me in mind of an interesting (offline) conversation I had with Lorenzo a month or so ago. On LE’s post, I made this comment: I do think we have taken social disapproval of parents disciplining their children in public too far, […]

What a scream!

An American tourist is suing Qantas after she was seated next to a three-year-old child who allegedly screamed so loudly in the woman’s ear that she was deafened: “The pain was so excruciating that I didn’t even know I was deaf,” Ms Barnard said, reliving the incident during a deposition for a civil lawsuit she […]

The East Timor Solution

Australia will hold a general election on 21 August, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced. Ms Gillard – the country’s first female prime minister – said the snap poll would be “tough and close”. The governing Labor Party elected her as leader three weeks ago after ousting her predecessor, Kevin Rudd. The race between Labor […]

A-a-a-a-a-and…they’re off!

Julia Gillard has called an election for 21 August 2010. I must confess that I’ve been pretty down about politics the last few weeks. What particularly depressed me was Labor’s ill-conceived plan to palm asylum seekers off to East Timor. It showed the same ad hoc ‘policy-on-the-run’ approach that KRudd’s regime had shown before. It […]

Lawyers and a larrikin lose upgrade lotto

tl;dr: If the site looks broken, do a shift-reload. Tonight I spent a few hours performing some upgrades on the Ozblogistan server upon which and others reside. This was triggered by my VPS host providing new memory allowances which required rebooting the system. I had two other upgrades in the backlog — the operating […]

Edinburgh Nocturne

I’ve long admired cycling photographs that feature the racing cyclist as a blur of movement against what appears to be a stationary background, and wondered if it were possible (one day) for me to take a similar shot. I have a reasonable quality digital camera but nothing out of this world; it does have — […]

Protect teh Kiddies

I attended a religious school for the first three years of High School. I’m afraid that it went in one ear and out the other, because I didn’t even realise that Jesus was God according to Christian doctrine until I was about 25. I have a fantastic ability to be able to switch off during […]

Church Swap

I can reveal that Dr Jeffrey John, the openly gay but celibate Dean of St Albans, has been blocked from becoming a bishop once again. He has not been chosen as the next Bishop of Southwark. Liberals will be dismayed that the Church has lost its nerve – but there is no reason for evangelicals […]

Twilight: The Puppet Saga

Featuring performances by puppets more convincing than several of the original actors… So bite me. I liked it.