Monthly Archives: January 2011

To those readers affected by the floods…

My prayers and thoughts are with any Queensland readers affected by the terrible floods up there. I hope you’re all safe. Donations to flood victims can be made at branches of the Bank of Queensland, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB or Suncorp.

Right to choose gender of a child

A Victorian couple with three sons are asking VCAT to allow them to select the gender of their next child. The couple are desperate for a girl after they had a baby girl who died a few days after birth. The Herald Sun reports: [The couple] are asking the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to […]

Hogan’s Heroes

Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan has announced plans to sue the Australian government for damaging his reputation. A five-year investigation into suspicions he was using off-shore banks to conceal his earnings and evade tax was dropped in November. Fairfax Media reported that Mr Hogan’s lawyer said the actor could seek up to $80m (£51m) for […]

GST and online sales

Over here in Australia, we’re trying to distract ourselves from the calamitous cricket result by focusing on other fights. (God, I can’t even watch said cricket any more. Too upsetting.) Retailer Gerry Harvey sparked a furore a few days ago by demanding that the government impose GST on internet sales. The Australian Retailer News reports: […]

Creative Destruction

The government will provide more money to help unemployed people who want to set up their own companies, David Cameron has announced. The prime minister said New Enterprise Allowance projects, offering start-up loans and weekly allowances, could create 40,000 businesses by 2013. He predicted the next few years could be “some of the most dynamic […]

What will they say when you’re gone?

I often read the obituaries in the Sydney Morning Herald. When I first came to Australia (1998), alongside the usual parade of worthies, local and international, there would be a fair sprinkling (especially in the weekend edition) of rich eccentric British people – minor royals, members of the landed gentry, toffs of various kinds – […]

Early forms of congestion charging

I have just returned from holidays, to be confronted seriatim with my hitherto unknown role in judging Best Blog Posts 2010, the Family law exam that the weather contrived to postpone (burying the venue under snow drifts will do that) and an exploding in-tray. In the interval, here’s a nice graphic from one of my […]

Best Blog Posts of 2010

Well I know that I said I’d never mention “gentle macchia” on this page again (credit to KVD for the phrase). (For the non-cryptic crossword minded, if you’re confused, try an online anagram solver with a two word limit). But it seems that I must mention it in passing, as my  post relating to my […]