The Swear Bear Bunch

By DeusExMacintosh

Charity swearathon broadcast to creche

Alistair Campbell and Peter Capaldi were left red-faced after their sponsored swear-athon was accidentally broadcast into a creche.

Tony Blair’s former spin doctor was at City trader BGC’s charity day with actor Capaldi who plays foul-mouthed communications director Malcom Tucker in The Thick of It.

The pair initially got involved on the trading floor to raise money for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research team but were then urged to take part in a “swearathon,” which was broadcast to the whole building.

But the microphone was cut out when organisers realised they had inadvertently played the potty-mouthed tirade throughout the building, including a creche downstairs.

Mr Campbell apologised to “the kids and their mums and dads, and anyone else who took offence”…

Mr Campbell got into hot water for using four-letter words during his time in Number 10. He once accidentally sent an email containing profanities meant for party officials to a Newsnight journalist.

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  1. Posted September 13, 2012 at 11:23 pm | Permalink

    Watching that show, I was waiting for “you might bleeping well say that bleep, but I bleeping couldn’t possibly bleeping comment, bleep you.”

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    That’s very funny – though I wouldn’t have been happy had my kids heard it. Eaglet No. 1 went through a stage of saying f*ing hell when she was two (after Daddy tripped over the coffee table and broke his toe) – the strategy was to ignore it and pretend nothing had been said and it was forgotten.

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    In The Thick of It … and Deadwood … watched while the boy was on weekends with his dad … (Malcolm Tucker versus Swear-Engine … THAT’d be a contest.)

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