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Ozblogistan will grow larger

For some time now I, your friendly Ozblogistan Tyrant, have been considering expanding the Ozblogistan family. For my thesis research I require a larger pool of blogs under management. To that end, I have opened up a second server for Ozblogistan. Shortly, one server will handle the database while the original server handles the web […]

Larvatus Prodeo is down temporarily

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan tyrant here. LP’s domain name has expired. Consequently it is no longer possible to navigate directly to I have reactivated in the meantime while the domain issues are sorted out. Update: normal service has been resumed.

Ozblogistan News, Part Deux

Hello all, your friendly Ozblogistan Overlord here. Last week I wrote briefly about slowness being caused by attempts to debug a comments plugin used by several Ozblogistan blogs — Brian’s Latest Comments — in the context of Larvatus Prodeo. It transpires that LP’s database of comments was too large to process without causing errors and […]

Sorry, folks.

You’ve probably noticed some slowness in the past 2 hours. That’s me, your loving Ozblogistan admin / tyrant, trying to debug a plugin. Apparently asking for debugging information is too much for PHP and MySQL to bear, so they threw an unedifying tantrum which choked the site.

Lawyers and a larrikin lose upgrade lotto

tl;dr: If the site looks broken, do a shift-reload. Tonight I spent a few hours performing some upgrades on the Ozblogistan server upon which and others reside. This was triggered by my VPS host providing new memory allowances which required rebooting the system. I had two other upgrades in the backlog — the operating […]

WordPress is still half-baked junk

Normally-invisible Jacques here. Those of you who know me know that I regularly complain about WordPress. In their rush to add ever more features and introduce new-shineys, the developers of WordPress generally can’t be arsed to close old bugs, write proper tests or confirm that their software isn’t lame rubbish. Latest pet peeve: version 2.8 […]

I broke it

Sorry, my fault. 🙁

Another thing I got wrong

I misconfigured postfix, the server program that handles the delivery of emails on behalf of WordPress and some other programs. I’d done some fancy stuff to make sure SL’s avatar showed properly but didn’t test it. Consequently postfix began to accept mail into its pending queue, but stopped sending any. Today, looking at the server […]

More kerfupsing

A few days ago the server went bonkers and locked up. At the time I was not sure why. I restarted the HTTP server (in our case, Lighttpd) and everything seemed to return to normal. That’s usually how you know everything is completely broken. Today the server went nuts again. For the nerds amongst you, […]

Sorry folks

The server threw some sort of wobbly. It seems to be working now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled erudition, humour and wisdom.