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Pakistani ducks are different

Chris Broad has said he is extremely angrily about the lack of security in Pakistan after witnessing Tuesday’s terror attack in Lahore. The former England batsman was match referee for the Pakistan-Sri Lanka third Test and was in a vehicle with other officials when they came under fire. In a press conference Mr Broad described […]

Pakistan shits in cricketing nest

Despite Imran Khan’s repeated assertions that terrorists would never attack cricketers in Pakistan (even though the Taliban frowned on the game), terrorists have fired on the Sri Lankan team’s tour bus in Lahore, killing several local police officers and wounding several of the players, two seriously. Understandably, the Test currently underway has been abandoned, the […]

Katherine Wilson is not Muttiah Muralitharan

Yes, I found a cricket angle. Sad but true. The graphic at left was generated by the genius that is Tony the Teacher over at the After Grog Blog (and do follow the link; a beautiful funny awaits you there, quite apart from the picture). The cricketing point that Tony and his commenters make helps to […]

Don’t dream, it’s over

I’ve been watching from afar as Australia’s cricketing fortunes have taken a tumble over the last few series. All sorts of prognostications and punditry have been engaged in by all sorts, but for me, it’s pretty simple. What goes up must come down. We had a lengthy period in the sun, one which is now […]

Terror stopped play

You know terrorism is getting serious in India when it puts the kybosh on multiple cricket matches. To my knowledge, terror attacks in India proper have never resulted in the cancellation of a single game. By contrast, these attacks have scuppered the current England tour, the Champions league and the ICL 20/20 tournament. That’s three MAJOR […]

Just not cricket

It seems former Australian Test cricketer Craig McDermott is in a spot of bother because of his involvement with failed property investment company Bridgecorp Finance. McDermott was loaned $19.6M by Bridgecorp to aid his Gold Coast property development business. He stated that one of his assets was his $7.5M Gold Coast mansion, along with various shares, […]

Bending the rules ex post facto

Lawyers don’t like retroactive laws, but it now seems – despite insisting on having its rules called ‘laws’ – that cricket is in no such quandary. For those unfamiliar with one of the more controversial events in the Gentleman’s Game, in the 2006 Oval Test, Pakistan refused to take the field against England after being […]

Exam hand cramp = bouncer on the forearm

I did my third exam today, and for the first time in my life experienced what I’ve only heard about before – hand cramp. Maybe it’s because Oxford exams are longer than other exams (three or three and a half hours, depending on subject). The longest written exam I’ve ever encountered in the past was […]

4th Test heroics (we hope)

Cricket tragics over to Tony the Teacher’s place for 4th Test action. Once again Spanky Roebuck has covered himself in, well, err… something best left to your imagination. (Non) Money quote: That is to confuse joy with rage. Likewise, the umpiring was acceptable and even-handed. Only lamingtons imagine otherwise. The game is up for that […]

Monkey business no laughing matter

This rather offensive picture comes from Josiah Clark Nott and George Robert Gliddon, Indigenous races of the earth (First published 1857). It illustrates scientific theories of racism in the 19th century, which continued into the early 20th century. Essentially, the theory is that Aryan “races” are superior in evolutionary terms to Black “races”, and that […]