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School pays for bullying

I’ve written very recently on the phenomenon of people suing schools. In a decision handed down yesterday, Cox v State of New South Wales [2007] NSWSC 471, a bullied teenager from NSW has been awarded substantial damages and an income for life as a result of bullying sustained while he was at school (primary school […]

Forum on depression

My friend-via-the-blogosphere, Jim Belshaw, is running an open forum on depression in the workplace next week. If you’d like to contribute, please visit Jim’s website here.

All’s fair in love and law

I was reading Mirko Bagaric’s post on lawyers and depression with interest. It’s a topical issue right now. Bagaric’s argument is that lawyers are driven by status and desire for material things to work long hours. He says: Still there is even scope for lawyers to crank up a smile. The key rests with working […]

Coming out of the blue…

There has been much publicity in the last few days about the results of a recent survey by Beaton Consulting and beyondblue, which has established that lawyers are two and a half times more likely than members of the general public to suffer from moderate to severe depression. They are also much more likely to […]

Care in the Community

A friend of mine is anorexic, and over the last few years, she has become very unwell. I was so concerned that I spoke with her parents a while back. “There’s nothing we can do,” they said with despair. “She’s an adult. We can’t force her to seek treatment. We have tried everything we can […]

"Like asking a blind person to describe a rose"

I have been talking to a friend of mine about how to keep up your motivation as a solicitor. My friend said he talked to one of the partners at his work about his lack of motivation. The partner was nonplussed, and suggested that my friend should “snap out of it”. My friend concluded that […]

It’s not just lawyers

I was horrified to read the following story in The Age today in regard to conditions for young doctors. I wonder if there’s a medical equivalent of Legal Eagle or Shop Steward sitting typing an outraged blog about the terrible conditions of trainee doctors? (that is, if they are not too darn exhausted after working […]

More on lawyers and depression

For some reason, although I’ve been flat out with work and a cranky teething bubba, this week has been a bumper week for blogging – perhaps the busier I am, the more my mind fizzes with blogging topics? Or perhaps it’s just procrastination so I can hide from the real work I have to do […]

Lawyers and Depression

In the July 2006 edition of the LIJ, there was an article at page 82 entitled “Be happy”, which deals with why so many lawyers are unhappy. The author, Simone Jacobson, cites a book called Lawyer Know Thyself by Susan Daicoff which identifies three problems facing lawyers: Rambo-style litigation and unethical behaviour; Low public opinion […]