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Because I want to…

There was an interesting article in The Australian today that the “Bright burning star at the birth of King Charles II was supernova, Cassiopeia A” but when I went looking for a better picture I found this one of centaurus instead. NASA APOD, April 13th – Centaurus Radio Jets Rising Credit: Ilana Feain, Tim Cornwell […]

Bikes and cars

I work at a university, and I drive to work. Accordingly, there is plenty of opportunity to observe bicycle-car interactions at their most crazy. The Age had the following report today which doesn’t surprise me at all: Melbourne cyclists are running red lights at an alarming rate, with hundreds detected in a covert operation; at […]

Be civil, or be silent

At various points since we founded this blog, both Legal Eagle and I have written about defamation, confidential information and privacy and how they intersect. We’ve also both discussed how respecting different social classes’ political views does not entail automatic respect for their taste in music or culture. In today’s post, I want to yoke […]

Legal Eagle is poorly

This is just a short notice letting you all know that Legal Eagle has been hospitalised with pneumonia. I think this is the third time now, so it is really getting a bit much to bear. As a consequence, it may be somewhat quiet around these here bloggy parts for a bit.

The new face of the research student

In yesterday’s copy of The Australian there was an article about a new book by Frank Larkins, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at the University of Melbourne, in which he opines that there should be fewer PhD students, and that they should be full-time, on an increased full scholarship: “I would opt for fewer research […]

Christchurch Earthquake: Please Give Generously

The following organisations are accepting donations for those affected by the earthquake. Donate online at By Post: The Salvation Army , PO Box 27 001 Marion Square, Wellington 6141, New Zealand. Please specify that your donation is for the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal. The Red Cross has launched an 0900 Appeal Members of the public […]

To those readers affected by the floods…

My prayers and thoughts are with any Queensland readers affected by the terrible floods up there. I hope you’re all safe. Donations to flood victims can be made at branches of the Bank of Queensland, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB or Suncorp.

Early forms of congestion charging

I have just returned from holidays, to be confronted seriatim with my hitherto unknown role in judging Best Blog Posts 2010, the Family law exam that the weather contrived to postpone (burying the venue under snow drifts will do that) and an exploding in-tray. In the interval, here’s a nice graphic from one of my […]

Bass Strait, Dire Straights

Eye-candy du jour… A competitor in the 66th Sydney to Hobart yacht race heads towards a storm cloud. This year’s ocean race has been hit by thunderstorms and hail, but only one boat has withdrawn. Photo by Carlo Borlenghi, as seen in The Guardian

All the best for the Festive Season

To all of you! Thanks for reading our posts over 2010. I’d better get back to Christmas festivities – I hear much hilarity as the kids attempt to play their new board game…