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Wall Art

Two Somerville Rd corner shops on opposite sides of Tuppen St have striking wall art. One has a very Oz bird scene. It is strikingly executed–somewhat better done than a lot of the wall murals one sees. I am no expert or bird-watcher but I am guessing it is a Willie Wagtail.  The trees are […]

Meat and three veg

Australian restaurant cuisine is sometimes described as mediterrasian, which is a pretty good description. The traditional Anglo-Celtic Oz dinner is meat and three veg. Steak and vegies is still our most popular meal, followed by roast chicken, spag bog, beef stew or curry and chicken stir-fry. Lots of grazing land makes the land Downunder the land […]

Apologies for absence

The combination of the Melbourne heatwave, being very busy at work (having to get up a 5.30am in the morning to beat the traffic then doing a full day’s presentation teaching takes it out of me) and an obsessive writing project have meant I have not been around much.  Apologies for that. When I have […]

The werewolf is cuter than the vampire

As readers are aware, I am not a fan of the Twlight phenomenon in any form. But one thing has become obvious even to a militant non-fan such as myself. The consensus is clear, the werewolf is cuter than the vampire. Out there in the naughty image blogosphere, there are remarkably few pictures of Edward […]

No one objects if is beautiful

Public art periodically generates controversy about, sometimes cast in terms of “ratepayers paid how much for that?” Sometimes public art is unexpected and whimsical. Such as this giant spider hanging off a bridge in the Rocks area of Sydney. My brother and I came across it while walking from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay.  (About a 6km walk, […]

Glutton’s breakfast

The internet is a useful source of recipes. So, I thought I would add to the stock, especially as transmission of cooking skills has become something of an issue. Take one onion, one tomato, two or three mushrooms.  Skin onion and dice.  Top-and-tail tomato and slice laterally in half. Remove mushroom stalks and cut each […]

Storytellers and moralists

If you’re going to win an argument or persuade someone to your point of view, it helps if you can tell a story. And by this I don’t mean any old story, but the sort of story that kept you awake at night as a kid, or made you cry, or made you afraid to […]

And the winner is …

Political science models. President Obama’s re-election has already been thoroughly mythologised, particularly by those disappointed by said re-election. One can read worried, or admiring, examinations of the data-mining and thoroughly internetted campaign techniques used by the Obama campaign, complaints about media bias, dark musings about the implications for the future of the US and so […]

Lumley v Wagner: The Nonperformance of the Cantatrice

I love cases. I simply love cases. I love the drama of them, and I love to go hunting for extra facts about the case. The case of Lumley v Wagner (1852) 1 De GM & G 604; 42 ER 687 involved Johanna Wagner, a famous German singer (and the niece of Richard Wagner). She […]

Letter from a former slave to his master

Today I came across an interesting post, via Letters of Note, which details a letter which a former slave, Jourdon Anderson, wrote to his former master, Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee. Colonel Anderson had written to Jourdon Anderson, requesting him to come back to work on his farm. According to sources of the […]