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Going Burq-o

[Now cross-posted at Online Opinion – 21/5/10] There’s been a lively discussion at Larvatus Prodeo about the possibility that the French will ban the burqa. Of course, this follows on the heels of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s suggestion that the burqa should be banned in Australia. Bernardi suggested that the burqa was not only a […]

Chained to the kitchen sink…

Via Larvatus Prodeo, I became aware of KRudd’s latest gem – a PhD is an “excuse for not having kids”. (What is it with the political leaders in our country at the moment?) Nina Funnell, a thirty something researcher, attended a function where Kevin Rudd spoke on an ageing population. Her story follows: I was […]

Things that make me proud

Jim Belshaw wrote a post listing 5 things that make him proud, and has tagged SL and I to do the same. I’m not going to write a list, mainly because I’m terrible at lists. I struggle with memes. The main thing in life that makes me proud is family: my children, my husband, my […]

Judging potential judges

Justice Souter of the US Supreme Court is about to retire, and President Obama must appoint a successor. As soon as Souter J announced his retiremet, the speculation started: President Barack Obama pledged Friday to name a Supreme Court justice who combines “empathy and understanding” with an impeccable legal background to succeed liberal David Souter, […]

Disappointing Dora

Before you have kids, if you are anything like me, you have this idea that you won’t let them get sucked into consuming various television shows, junk food, brand names and etc. Then reality hits as your 2 year old points at an ad in the supermarket carpark and says, “Dere’s Wiggles, Mummy!” Children are […]

Stereotypes and victims of crime

There’s a lengthy and surprisingly bitter thread over at Larvatus Prodeo on two related but conceptually distinct phenomena. The first concerns cultural and racial stereotyping. The second concerns the safety advice police widely give to those who have a greater risk of being victims of crime. The post is a thoughtful one (written by regular […]