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Law Evolves

As those of you who’ve participated in my Bring Laws & Gods reading circle know, I’ve had to spend quite a bit of time working out where I thought Roman law would have gone had the Romans had an industrial revolution. Now their law was pretty sophisticated, as law goes. In many ways, it was […]

The weight of the law

I read yesterday that Japanese law stipulates that the waistline must be below a certain diameter: In Japan, being thin isn’t just the price you pay for fashion or social acceptance. It’s the law. So before the fat police could throw her in pudgy purgatory, Miki Yabe, 39, a manager at a major transportation corporation, […]

Japanese ghosts are the scariest

I was talking to a Japanese friend about how my parents had a book of Japanese myths and legends, and I loved to read it as a kid, but some of those stories were so scary. I am sure that Japanese ghosts are the scariest and the weirdest. Anyway, I thought I would put together […]

A world without monotheism

I originally posted this comment to the Richard Dawkins forum (which gets rather bitter and nasty over time). I’m writing a novel based around the issue now, but the question originally came from one of my students. ——————————— This topic came up when I googled the question ‘what would civilisation look like without monotheism? I […]