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The Herd Mentality and the fall of Rudd

The thing that has been fascinating me about the last week in politics is the evidence of the herd mentality (psychologically speaking). The herd doesn’t move direction until one person breaks ranks, and then suddenly everyone is following the new direction. I’m talking, of course, of the sudden political demise and dethroning of KRudd. A […]

The Lady in the Lodge

Julia Gillard has been sworn in as Australia’s first female prime minister after a surprise leadership vote in the ruling Labor Party ousted Kevin Rudd. Mr Rudd chose not to take part in the ballot knowing he would suffer an embarrassing defeat to his deputy. Ms Gillard said she believed “a good government was losing […]

It’s Gillard

I am watching all this unfold from afar, with a special kind of awe. My understanding — even though Kevin Rudd had tanked personally in the polls — was that he’d still win against the (equally unpopular) Tony Abbott on Green preferences. Clearly I was wrong. I can’t imagine Labor’s Sussex St Minions (insert BWAHAHAHA […]

Talking the talk, walking the walk

The more I see, the more I’m disappointed with KRudd’s government. I confess that I had high hopes at the start, which was probably a mistake. One should never invest politicians with hope. There were a few things that really worried me from the start about the government – the love of “spin” over substance […]

Chained to the kitchen sink…

Via Larvatus Prodeo, I became aware of KRudd’s latest gem – a PhD is an “excuse for not having kids”. (What is it with the political leaders in our country at the moment?) Nina Funnell, a thirty something researcher, attended a function where Kevin Rudd spoke on an ageing population. Her story follows: I was […]

Fancy an Indian?

An Indian man is in a serious condition in a Melbourne hospital after being attacked and set alight by a gang. It comes a week after an Indian graduate student was stabbed to death in the city, prompting a travel advisory from the Indian government. Melbourne police said the latest attack appeared to be random […]