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Death threats to university lecturers

A while back, SL wrote a post on how charging very high fees for university degrees was difficult to combine with the provision of a quality education. She used the US as an example of a university system where the tendency towards expensive degrees had led to grade inflation. She commented: First the demands coalesce […]

Future Imperfect

Policing of Wednesday’s student protest “did not go to plan” but the violence that flared was down to a “hardcore” minority, the police minister has said. Nick Herbert told MPs police would learn lessons after 41 officers were injured when a section of demonstrators stormed the Conservative party HQ. The prime minister has also condemned […]

Political correctness on campus

Via a friend, I came across this interesting piece on political correctness on US university campuses. The author starts out with a salutary tale: In 2007 a student working his way through college was found guilty of racial harassment for reading a book in public. Some of his co-workers had been offended by the book’s […]