Monthly Archives: April 2006

Being a party to a legal action

We have recently become the subject of a legal action by our former landlord. It gives one a whole different perspective on litigation when you are involved in it yourself. I don’t think I had really appreciated the kind of anxiety litigation produces. Obviously, intellectually, I knew that it must be terrible to be involved […]

Six minute billing units

(or one of the many reasons why being a solicitor sucks) The reason why being a solicitor really sucks comes down, in my mind, to the six minute billing unit. I had forgotten how much I hated the six minute billing unit until I went back to practice after a number of years out of […]


I should warn any non-lawyers out there that this blogspot might have a bit of a legal focus, but sorry, I can’t help that, I’m a lawyer (presently on leave). And proud of it? Hmm, not sure about that. Depends which aspect of my former career I’m looking at. No one likes a lawyer, and […]