Monthly Archives: July 2006

Nepotism and the law

Of course, when Legal Eagle saw an article in The Australian on Friday on the right of judges to appoint their own associates, her eagle eyes lit up. The article focused on reforms suggested by the NSW government after a scandal involving a judge’s associate. Apparently, the associate was a law student and a waiter […]

The Mad, The Bad and The Sad

I went through a stage about five years ago. I’d get into a taxi and start up a friendly conversation with the driver. Then the driver would ask me what I did for a living. “I’m a lawyer,” I’d say. The driver’s face would fall. “You help keep guilty people out of gaol,” he’d say, […]

A victory for ginger kids everywhere

Well, I warned you that I like freaky facts. I read the following article about an ad which was rude to red-headed freckly men. I felt glad the ad got removed. Why are people so mean to ginger kids?

Consumer affairs vigilantes

For some reason, I have come across a number of instances of consumer affairs vigilantism lately. In fact, the other day I have heard of some good examples of consumer affairs vigilantism to try on those guys who call you at dinner time to persuade you to change phone plans: Say, “Can you just hang […]

Limitation of Actions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I was interested to see that the High Court have handed down a decision in Stingel v Clark [2006] HCA 37. This case involves former chairman of ATSIC, Geoff Clark, and Carol Stingel, a woman who alleges that Clark was the leader of a pack of men who gang raped her in 1971. She claims […]

The Middle East – How has it come to this?

I have been inspired by CeeCee’s post on the topic of the Middle East. How have things reached the point where there is open warfare in the Middle East? This is not a rant, but a layperson’s guide to Middle Eastern history and an exploration of how matters have escalated. I am attempting to provide […]

The Virtual Office?

Thank you to a reader of the Legal Soapbox for suggesting this blog topic. I have been alerted to the fact that in the UK, there are some people who commute from Barcelona to London because it’s cheaper than living in one of those outer London suburbs. Yep, I’m serious. Apparently, you can get one-way […]

Flexible working in practice

I have just been reading the July issue of the Law Institute Journal, and saw a small piece entitled “Flexible working in practice” (on pg 23). Of course my eagle eyes honed in on it! The piece describes flexible work practices for working mothers (always something to be applauded from my point of view). However, […]

"Take it or leave it"

I read the latest post on the Junior Lawyers’ Union website with interest. I like the way Shop Steward thinks. This kind of a blog can seem too negative. Why am I still a lawyer? Because I enjoy the law. More than that. I am passionate about the law, both about the way it works […]


This is not a legal or political post. But I am fascinated about freaky things, so here goes. What freaky things? Water spiders to be precise. I read about the discovery of 6 different species of water spider in the paper the other day. Fortunately, they apparently live 6km down in the Tasmanian ocean, so […]