Monthly Archives: August 2006

Office politics

Obviously, there’s always going to be office politics, even if there are only two people in a workplace, and even when everyone usually gets on well together. It’s just human nature. But what I want to talk about is when office politics becomes so all-consuming that getting the job done seems to become secondary. If […]

When do the ends justify the means?

It’s a hard question. Is it right to ignore one person’s rights for the potential greater good of society? Where do you draw the line? I certainly don’t agree with the proposition put forth by two Deakin academics last year that there are situations where it is necessary in a liberal democracy to legalise torture […]

Growing up fast

This post is a cogitation on how confusing it must be to be a teenage girl these days. I thought it was bad when I was young, but I think it must be more confusing now. I came downstairs on Saturday morning and discovered that Video Hits was on. My husband was reading the paper […]

A rant about anti-Semitism

I don’t know why some particular groups in society seem to attract conspiracy theories: for example, Jews, Cathars, Masons, Opus Dei…to name a few. I never heard anyone say “I want to kill that Presbyterian”, or of an allegation that there is a Taoist plot to control the world. An issue which has been eating […]

Legal Secretaries

I was just thinking the other day how pivotal a good secretary can be to one’s happiness as a solicitor. They are a very important part of the process. I am looking at this topic from two perspectives: from the perspective of someone who has worked as a secretary while a student and from the […]

First remove the beam in your own eye…

There’s not much in the news to cheer one up these days. However, I guess even a bit of serious irritation is a change from down right depressing. What could have irritated me so? According to an article in The Age, Hannah Pool from the UK’s Evening Standard has decided after a stay of some […]


Does anyone else hate the use of Powerpoint for legal presentations? Ok, ok, I can see that if you are an engineer or something, it might be very useful to have a presentation of how machinery works or graphs of things or how a chemical process works (or something like that). But law? It’s just […]

Let them eat cake

I have to say that I was irritated when I read an article in The Australian about the impact of interest rate rises on the Polgar family. The Polgars say: “We won’t be going out to dinner and the movies as much as we used to – we’ll stay home and watch Foxtel.” However, they […]