Monthly Archives: September 2006

Legal Education Review

Today, the Department of Justice published its Review of Legal Education Report. The Attorney-General, Mr Hulls, said the Government would give in-principle support to the Report’s recommendations. The Report recommended that Victoria abolish the current Articles system and replace it with a “Traineeship” system similar to the Queensland model. A graduate would complete a one […]

More on Freedom of Speech

Should an opera containing a scene featuring the severed head of Muhammed (along with those of Jesus, Buddha and Poseidon) be cancelled? Apparently, Deutsche Oper in Berlin has removed the opera Idomeneo from its autumn schedule following security concerns. I thought it was particularly interesting that the leader of the Islamic Council in Germany, Ali […]

Children’s Television and Censorship

When I was a child, I was the biggest cowardly custard of all when it came to television and movies. The Doctor Who music used to send me scurrying under the couch. I even got scared of the puppet aliens in Sesame Street who burst through Bert & Ernie’s wall in one episode and said […]

Freedom of speech

When does something become so offensive that it should be banned? It’s a thorny question. As readers of this blog will know, I have expressed discomfort with the portrayal of women in music videos and with the “turkey-slapping” incident in Big Brother. My knee-jerk reaction to the Big Brother incident was that the show should […]

The Pope and Islam

I have discovered this interesting blog by one Damaskinos (or should I say, it discovered me – the blogosphere really is an amazing place). It has some pertinent and learned comments on the latest furore involving the Pope’s speech. As Damaskinos notes, if you check the actual text of the speech, you will see that […]

Backyards under threat?

My eagle eyes have spotted that Wilcox J of the Federal Court has handed down a novel interpretation of native title in Bennell v State of Western Australia [2006] FCA 1243. So, are our backyards under threat? NO. No no no no. How many times do I have to say it. I’ll say it one […]

Women and the law

Why are women dropping out of the law? Why are women under-represented in law firms and at the Bar? Let me count the reasons! In a speech last year to the LawAsia Downunder conference, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria identified the following as an issue: “Research has shown that in Victoria […]

Choosing Judges

I’m not a fan of electing Judges. Why not? Well, it always seemed to me (just from watching student politics) that often the kind of people who wish to be elected to public office are not necessarily the kind of people you want to be in that kind of a position. This is a generalisation, […]

No Booze, You Lose…?

Hmm, maybe the boozy lunch isn’t so bad after all? In relation to my post earlier today, I have just found an interesting study, which has established that drinkers earn 10 – 14% more than non-drinkers. The average female drinker earns 8% more than the average female non-drinker, whereas the average male drinker earns 21% […]

Response to Shop Steward’s post on Morale

This post is in response to Shop Steward’s post on morale. I agree with Shop Steward in regard to many issues: Work retreats: Why the hell would I want to spend all weekend with my workmates when I spend all week with them? Nothing personal against my workmates. It’s just that when one works at […]