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F-22A Raptor: the f*** off factor

Every now and again an issue bubbles along just under the radar of public debate. Sometimes it pops its head up for air, generating the occasional MSM opinion piece, but most of the time argument is confined to aficionados battling it out in the trade press. Such an issue is the debate over the future […]

An Inconvenient Truth?

My Mum was walking out of the supermarket the other day. She saw a Greenpeace man standing there at the back entrance of the supermarket, handing out leaflets and signing up people up to for membership. Mum walked past and started loading her shopping into the boot of her car. As she loaded the bags […]

Blogger in beta

I have just moved my blog over to Blogger in beta. I have categorised all of the posts into pertinent topics. The archives look much easier to access and search, but I’m having some formatting issues – not sure how to fix them. Anyway, tell me what you think of my “new look”!

Through the retrospectoscope: Salvadore Allende

For a combination of reasons too obscure to recount, Catallaxy’s last open thread finished up debating (largely) the merits (or otherwise) of deposed Chilean leader Dr Salvadore Allende, alongside the merits (or otherwise) of General Augusto Pinochet, the military impresario who deposed him in a bloody coup in 1973. Allende was a socialist, and I […]

The sheikh was mean to pussy cats, too…

In the spirit of rehabilitating the cats’ reputation, I ask if anyone else has a cat that does likewise. UPDATE: And it didn’t take long for catlovers to turn it all to profit: Go here.

Let’s see if Mr Islam can dodge this one

Keysar Trad has got his hands full this time. He’s stuck with arguing that this, said by the wonderfully thoughtful Mr Hilaly, has been ‘mistranslated’ or ‘misinterpreted’: But when it comes to adultery, it’s 90 per cent the women’s responsibility. Why? Because a woman possesses the weapon of seduction. It is she who takes off […]

The Fisherman

Last night, I watched the documentary The Fisherman on ABC television. Some of you may recall that this documenary was the subject of a recent High Court decision, Australian Broadcasting Corporation v O’Neill [2006] HCA 46. The High Court removed the interlocutory injunction to which the documentary was subject. I didn’t have time to write […]


A few weeks ago on local Rocky commercial telly, my nephew told me about an odd film he’d seen while I was away on circuit. This is a kid who never pauses to read anything – he’s far more interested in gaming and technology. Books are just so passe. ‘I want to read it’, he […]

E-mail hijinks in law firms

Why is it law firms in particular which suffer from the malaise of e-mail hijinks? Maybe it’s the kind of people who work in law firms (present company excepted, of course) – these e-mails display such an attractive array of personalities… I’m guessing this guy will find it hard to get a date henceforth. Maybe […]

Carnivorous pelicans…

As I have said in an earlier post, I can’t help being fascinated by freaky and horrible stories. Warning, this story may contain images which are disturbing to pigeon fanciers. A pelican in St James’ Park, London, carried a pigeon around in its beak for 20 minutes before swallowing it alive. Puts a whole new […]