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Justifiers and Deniers

A long while ago, a friend of mine raised her theory that people fell into two categories, justifiers and deniers. I think it was an excellent theory, so I’m going to explain it here. It all hinges around how you respond when you do something wrong and you’re caught out. What is your response? I’m […]

Countdown to the Ashes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Australia lost the Ashes last time around, and that the Poms are heading our way this summer and we’ll be doing our best to reclaim what we consider (almost) our property. This post is just to let people know that I’ll be putting Ashes related […]

An outward sign of inner faith

Yesterday, I read about Aishah Azmi, a Muslim teaching assistant, who was dismissed from her job because she would not remove her veil when male teachers were present. Apparently parents complained because many of the children at the school were from a non-English speaking background, and they found it difficult to communicate with Ms Azmi […]

Not dead yet but can he lie

Two recent posts, one by Andrew Norton, the other by Andrew Leigh, have got me asking whether Australians’ oft-professed disdain for pollies could one day see them supporting smaller government. The distrust I’m talking about is exemplified by this little monument (on the beach at Port Douglas, Far North Queensland). Most people – especially those […]

Retraction: Big Pig

This post has been removed for two reasons: 1. I made a stupid mistake when I published the photograph, emailed to me by a friend and fellow hunter. This person has been very helpful to me on a range of matters so the publication of the photograph is entirely my doing. I have to say […]

Classy op-ed writing

Over at Thoughts on Freedom, John Humphreys reveals that he’s won a major South Korean essay writing competition. He’s posted his winning entry here, and I recommend you go read him. His piece shows – in my view, and I did this stuff for a living for a good while – what good op-ed writing […]

Repost: A cultural issue with economic consequences

This was my first piece for Catallaxy, and for that reason alone I’m rather attached to it. It too went the way of the blue suede shoe when our server died. It originally ran on August 29. Feel free to start stoushing once more. While in Melbourne last week, I spent a fair bit of […]

Repost: Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes or, who guards the guardians?

<!– This article encouraged some of the most thoughtful, well-written responses I’ve ever seen when posted, which were all lost when the Catallaxy server died last week. Somewhat optimistically, I’m putting it up again, partly because Jason has reposted his ABC privatisation piece. Most people with any sense of the history of western liberalism understand […]

No, I’m not wearing Lynx aftershave

The Legal Soapbox was included in “Blogwatch” in today’s Crikey. And I thought it was my natural charm which made me so popular!

Shuttle launch from space