Monthly Archives: November 2006

At last, a really good reason to bash the ABC!

As those of you familiar with my writing history would know, I’ve had a fair bit to do with the Australian Skeptics. And, as someone with a strong but amateur interest in science, I’m reasonably cheesed off that the ABC is pulling this stunt: FANS of ABC television’s science program Catalyst may be in for […]

Good news!

Looks like I will have a job next year (at least, it’s 90% certain that I will). Phew.

Those dark satanic mills…

Until I studied the poetry of William Blake, I always thought that it was obvious that he was referring to the terrible cotton mills of Northern England when he spoke of “those dark Satanic Mills”. I used to think it was ironic that we sang the hymn Jerusalem with such gusto at my Northern English […]

You call that a protest? This is a protest!

In light of some rather anodyne efforts at the G20 summit in Melbourne, I’ve spent some time searching for some genuinely impressive protests. They also had to be recent protests – I think everyone in my age-group is over pictures of the Vietnam Moratorium marches. I found what I wanted here. Venezuelan blogger Daniel does […]

White Ribbon Day

I haven’t had much time to blog lately because of giant piles of exam marking, and also, in the middle of the marking, I ended up catching gastro off my daughter, which wasn’t fun. Fortunately, I’ve finished marking and I’m better too. All is well again. So here I am, back up on my soapbox. […]

OJ and double jeopardy

Well, I can’t resist getting up on my soapbox about this one. A reader of the Soapbox sent me an article last week about OJ’s plans to release a book called “If I Did It“. The premise of the book was OJ’s quasi-confession: “I’m not saying I did kill my wife, but if I did, […]

Proof that some artists shouldn’t be let loose in public…

What with server brownouts and all the Ashes hype, I haven’t been keeping up with the latest from Australia’s kultural kommissars. Daniel Barnes, one of our friends from across the Tasman, supplied the mp3 of a recent interview with author Bryce Courtenay (The Power of One etc). It kinda gives new meaning to backflip. Go […]

Open Ashes thread

The first test gets underway in Brisbane today. At this stage, we still don’t know who’ll get the final fast bowler’s spot – young left arm quick Mitchell Johnson or the more experienced Stuart Clark. Johnson is a Queenslander and has the advantage of playing at home. Clark is from NSW and not as quick, […]

Skepticlawyer’s Sydney visit

I’m in Sydney for work stuff in mid-December, and have earmarked 16 December for a blogmeet. Jason is minister in charge of organisation, so he’ll let people know when and where and what. I know diddly-squat about Sydney, so following his call is probably a good idea. Hope to catch up with bloggers and other […]

When will people learn?

You shouldn’t be abusive to a former customer on principle, but it is even worse to abuse the customer in an e-mail, which can readily be forwarded around the world.