Monthly Archives: February 2007

For the Wordies

I have added a link to’s “Word of the Day” onto my blog. I dedicate it to The Wordies, my favourite bunch of word-obsessed nerds. Update I have also added A Word A Day to my blog because I liked their word today so much: omphaloskepsis – contemplation of one’s navel.

Evil is live backwards

From time to time, people suggest to me that, in my line of work, I must see a fair few evil people. Not common or garden variety nasty, or plain crooked, but actively evil. The human equivalent of Old Nick, the sort who – if they went up in smoke – would leave a whiff […]

Would you believe, this big?

I’m not usually a fan of lowering the tone around these illustrious parts, but since Clinton is in danger of possessing Rafe’s Gould thread, I thought I’d produce a bit of low-brow entertainment for y’all. This involves little more than Google, a few pictures and Photoshop. Most examples of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) out there […]

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…

When I was a law student, I thought every QC would be absolutely amazing, a stellar advocate who would keep me entranced. I was mistaken. Just like every group of people, there are some great ones and some, um…not so great ones. I gather some silks apply a multitude of times before they are accepted. […]

Weekend Missing Link

Ken Parish – this week’s nominated Missing Link editor over at Club Troppo – got badly snowed under work-wise, which meant he was unable to do his allotted posts. I volunteered to do a weekend one-off, which is now available over at Troppo. For those who enjoyed my earlier efforts, do drop in for a […]

Introducing Chris Berg’s artwork

Ever since Jason drew my attention to Chris Berg’s site, I’ve been checking in regularly. Although I’ve been reading Chris’ thoughtful stuff for a while, what really drew me to his site was his interesting and off-beat artwork. Although he describes his art as ‘more of a hobby’, he has had a few exhibitions here […]

Would you like giant calamari rings with your giant fish ‘n’ chips?

Further to my “giant fish” post a few weeks back… A “colossus” squid has been found in waters off Antarctica – it’s bigger than a giant squid, weighing half a tonne, with eyes 50cm in diameter. I’m glad this squid is in Antarctica, and not swimming close to a beach near me. I can’t help […]

Curioser and Curioser, said Alice

Catallaxy commenter Dr Carlo Kopp had an interesting piece in yesterday’s Age. It appears Brendan Nelson is telling porky pies about the F22A Raptor, and Australia’s ability to acquire the aircraft. Money quote: At this point the minister’s claims become bizarre. A news release issued the same day contained the statement that ‘the Government has […]

Yet more thoughts on Anti-Semitism

A long time ago (when I was still at university), I was doing a cryptic crossword with a friend. The clue was something about Jews and Arabs. We puzzled over it. Triumphantly, I shouted the answer: “Semite!” “Arabs aren’t Semites!” said my friend, who happened to be Jewish. “Go back and read the Old Testament […]

"Freedom Fighter" not a defence

Via Jurist, I see that the English Criminal Court of Appeal has held in R v F [2007] EWCA Crim 243 that being a “freedom fighter” is not a defence to offences under UK terrorism laws. The defendant, known only as “F”, is a Libyan refugee who was granted asylum in the UK in 2003 […]