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USA says: You’re nicked, sonny…

Both skepticlawyer at Catallaxy and Shaun Cronin at LP have written posts on the case of Huw Griffiths (reported here). Griffiths is a former internet software pirate who cracked and downloaded software and distributed it for free. He has been charged under US Copyright law, and charged by a US grand jury (equivalent of a […]

The (very) long arm of the law

Over at LP, Shaun Cronin has posted on the – prima facie – very strange case of Hew Griffiths, sometime tech nerd, software pirate and now (it seems) soon to be stateless person. I’d not been planning to do any more blogging before heading back into court for another lengthy stretch tomorrow, but an email […]

Concise Corporations Law

From time to time I review legal books for different professional publications. This one ran in the most recent issue of The Queensland Lawyer. As various people have found my law related posts useful, either for their own study or in order to engage further in legal debates, I’ve decided to start including selected book […]

They’re playing our song, dear!

I found this fascinating blog post on the topic of whether the music one listens to can predict one’s personality. It’s of particular interest to me. My husband and I met partially because it was suggested by a mutual friend that we had similar (and very broad) musical taste (although I don’t find heavy metal […]

Cop some (white) stick!

In what is becoming an increasingly unusual phenomenon, I extracted an interesting nugget of information out of Crikey! today. It’s even vaguely related to the environment debates that seem to have taken hold around Catallaxy lately. Even better, it’s by Christian Kerr, who’s unearthed a revealing factoid about certain types of Greenie drivers: Who comes […]

Damn them with faint praise

I couldn’t help being fascinated by the New York Times article about praising your kids. For some reason, I’ve been thinking about my schooling lately (not just because the question of sex ed at school got raised recently…) Perhaps it’s because I’m already nervous about sending my darling precious daughter to school. One girl I […]

DJs commence legal action

There’s been a couple of posts on blogs I like to read (here, here, here and here) on David Jones’ decision to commence legal action for misleading and deceptive conduct against the Australia Institute and Clive Hamilton. The proceedings relate to a media release in October 2006, which reported Clive Hamilton as saying: “Major retail […]

British sex ed not up to par

I see that a recent survey by the Family Planning Association has established that there is widespread ignorance in Britain about contraception and “the facts of life”. This is interesting. As I’ve disclosed before, I attended an English secondary school after spending a couple of years at an Australian secondary school. When I arrived at […]

Environmental innovation

Regular Catallaxy commenter JC has a guest post up over at Club Troppo on innovative technological responses to environmental concerns – and among other things he flags one of Graeme Bird’s favourite planning ideas – the abolition of height restrictions on inner-city residential accommodation. He’s started a very lively thread among Troppodillians, so I thought […]

Legal Eagle gets a gong…

In the Catallaxy Thick Sheik competition! The folks over at catallaxy thought that the best reaction to Sheik Hilaly was to refuse to take him seriously, an approach shared by myself. So skepticlawyer decided to set up a competition. I think it’s a very Australian thing to do. (Aside: although I do get worried about […]