Monthly Archives: March 2007

Unveiling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Recent reports say that an American Muslim woman, Ginnah Muhammad, has issued a lawsuit against a Michigan judge who required her to remove the niqab in court. The niqab is a full veil revealing only the eyes. The judge said that he had to see Ms Muhammad’s face to judge the veracity of her evidence, […]

If the Price is Right?

Like many lawyers, I find the behaviour of the US government and the Australian government in relation to Guantanamo Bay detainees to be inconsistent with the operation of the rule of law, the doctrine of habeas corpus and the notion that one cannot be charged retrospectively with crimes. As I have explained in previous posts, […]

Is it worth risking your life to get one car ahead?

I just drove home on the freeway. Some cars were driving far too fast, and others driving far too slow. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Slow cars pottered at 80km/hr in the right hand land, whereas other cars roared at 110km/hr+ on the other side of me in the left hand lane. […]

The little engine that could…

Readers may remember an earlier post I did on what kind of praise helps children’s self-esteem the most – praise for intelligence, or praise for effort? A reader sent me this blog post which links to a further description of the results of the research. This has implications not just for parenting, but for business, […]

What I’m really up to come September…

No, I’m not coming off my blogging hiatus, but as I promised Catallaxy readers here, I’m filling you all in on ‘the huge commitment’ I have starting in September this year. Admittedly I did say October originally, but the details hadn’t been finalised at that point. I also have an ulterior motive. After my farewell […]

May contain traces of nuts…

During my late teens, I developed a life-threatening allergic reaction to various nuts. {Pause} The pause is while I wait for you to bring out the “funny” jokes I’ve heard a million times before (most common variant: “You must be allergic to yourself then!”). I have had anaphylactic reactions to nuts a few times, requiring […]

Hoorah for the messy desk!

Now, I must admit I have a very messy desk. I know it used to drive one of my mooting partners absolutely wild (she is one of the neatest people I know). Various bosses have taken me to task about it – one used to come in to conduct a three monthly “clean up”, and […]

The entrepreneurial personality

I was reading accounts about the allegations of misuse of funds in Conrad Black’s trial, and had a sense of déjà vu. Now, I have no idea as to whether there is any substance in the allegations, and I do not intend to comment on them. But the description of Black’s alleged excesses could have […]

Follow the leader

The reluctance of people to stand up against things which they know to be wrong is fascinating and horrible. It has freaked me out ever since I read about the Milgram experiment as a teenager. This is the experiment where they persuaded 66% of participants in the experiment to administer near-fatal electric shocks to a […]

Reality Bites

Someone just sent me this link to the Lawyers Weekly bulletin and told me to take a look at Gadens’ comments with regard to the Sydney Law Careers Fair. Gadens Lawyers Who from your firm will be attending? A representative selection of some of our finest and most earnest young solicitors may attend, subject to […]