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Getting mothering advice from Cruella De Vil

Claire Verity is a self-proclaimed baby training guru who has advised the rich and famous. She says, “I won’t stand for any nonsense from anybody, babies or their parents.” Her secrets are as follows: Feed your baby on a strict four hour feeding schedule the moment they get out of hospital. She says, “The key […]

AUSTLII needs funds

Any Australian lawyer worth her salt is aware of AUSTLII. (Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years?) As part of my PhD, I am investigating law from all over the world: including Australia, England, Canada, the USA, Ireland, Israel, France, Germany… Australia is streets ahead of any of those […]

More tigers

You might remember my pictures of the diving tigers a few weeks back. My Mum has alerted me to a newspaper article with an attached video of a diving tiger. The tiger is named Odin and loves swimming. Please have a look. Really, I’m not becoming an “I can has Cheezburger” for tigers.  I just […]

Now that’s far too late to wean…

I am all in favour of breastfeeding. But sometimes a good thing can be taken too far. According to BBC News, Dr Izzat Atiya of Al-Hazar University in Cairo issued a fatwa as follows: He said that if a woman fed a male colleague “directly from her breast” at least five times, they would establish […]

Poetic justice

In one of the versions of Islam which I studied, what you did in life was done back to you one-thousand fold after death. So if you were nice, the afterlife was very nice, but if you were horrible, the afterlife was very horrible. I always hope that suicide bombers end up with that version […]

The radical centre

Noel Pearson has written a great article on taking the “radical centre”, a synthesis between rights and responsibilities. It delves into African American politics and other issues. It’s long, so if you want a potted version, check out Nicholas Gruen’s summary at Club Troppo.

Dolly and Ferris

“Dolly clasped Ferris to her ample bosom. ‘Promise you’ll never leave me,’ she said, tears welling in her eyes.” If I ever write a novel, I have decided that I will steal names from the wonderful people who send me spam. Dolly Burroughs and Ferris Kasper are two of those people. I’ve decided that they […]

Becoming a Lawyer – Part II

I have posted on the topic of legal education a long time ago. I note that the topic has come up again in the US, with Indiana Law School now introducing a professional element in first year. The American Bar Association’s MacCrate report sums up the problem in words that can equally well be applied […]

National Day of Secularism

Bruce has tagged me for the National Day of Secularism meme. He’s interested to see what I will say because of a comment I made to him when discussing those stupid citizenship questions…namely: “The Ten Commandments can be regarded as forming one of the precedents for modern law, canon law, and all kinds of other […]

Missing Link technical kafups

Due to circumstances entirely beyond our control (seriously, the wiki in which we compose Missing Link is now possessed by a couple of campy superheroes and the email script we use to contact our subscribers is more buggered than that dummy in Mythbusters), many of you may not have received today’s Missing Link in a […]