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From little things big things grow

Patrick from A roll of the dice has asked me to write a post on my experiences of promoting my blog. I can’t guarantee it will be an interesting read, but here goes… I started to blog when my daughter was a tiny bubba, and I was going a bit stir-crazy at home. We were […]

Egypt and FGM

It’s awful that it has taken the death of a 12 year old girl to precipitate change, but it is good that Egypt is now looking at banning female genital mutilation outright. Even more positively, leaders in the Sunni Muslim and Coptic Christian communities have spoken out unequivocally against the practice, which is practiced by […]


I was very surprised to read that US Judge Richard Posner advocates secret trials for terrorists. Obviously, attendees at the Australian Bar Association were surprised too. I don’t agree with Posner’s view: it is vital that trials take place in public, with due process. I had always thought Posner was a libertarian at heart. He […]

What to do? The indigenous crisis

I’d like to unravel the Howard Government’s new plan with respect to indigenous welfare. There are a couple of different issues there. First, I’m not happy with the use of the word “crisis”, because that suggests something that suddenly crops up. It’s not sudden – it’s more like a chronic problem that has now snowballed […]

Missing Link: normal service resumed

A new edition of Missing Link is up over at Club Troppo. It provides comprehensive coverage of the interblog conversation on Media Watch’s intervention into Ozblogistan’s moderation policies…

Pants guy loses

Predictably enough, Roy Pearson has been “pantsed” by the District Court of Columbia over his claim for US$65M for a pair of (allegedly) missing pants. A copy of the judgment is here. Page 19 of the judgment states: The plaintiff’s claims regarding the “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign are premised on his interpretation that the sign is […]

Oh no, they’re breeding

Clowns, that is. I can’t post the picture on my site. Go have a look at it at A Roll of the Dice. Truly horrific.

Open Forum 23/06/07

Last weekend’s open thread is now getting decidedly on the long side, Jason appears to be off air for the moment, and I’m now back on deck. This after one of the more stressful fortnights of my (so far) short legal career. I could have done without being written up in dispatches myself (R v […]

What’s in a name?

A judge in Nebraska has banned the prosecution from using the words “rape”, “sexual assault”, “victim” and “assailant” in a rape and sexual assault trial. Or should it be a [BLANK] and [BLANK BLANK] trial? The [BLANK] (otherwise known as the victim) is also not allowed to use these words when giving evidence. Apparently Nebraskan […]

10,000+ hits

This site has now had 10,000+ hits. Thanks guys! It took me almost a year to get to 10,000 hits on my old site, but only a month and a half on WordPress. I won’t be posting much over the next week – I’ve got 80ish exams to mark – wish me lots of luck!