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“I see almost dead people…”

In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, cats can see Death. Maybe there’s something in this? I came across this very freaky story about a cat which knows when time is up for patients in a nursing home…

BrisGrogBlog, Saturday 28 July

I’m sincerely hoping that my travelling luck improves after today’s effort, which involved not only lost luggage but also a lost wallet. Oh, and a completely destroyed rucksack that had to be replaced at very short notice (many thanks to the good people at Apple New Farm, who reopened their shop for me). I have […]

Portrayal of accused and the law

Dave Bath at Balneus has an interesting post comparing the court sketches of Dr Haneef, noting that the sketches in the Murdoch press make Dr Haneef look somewhat like a Neanderthal. Now it could just be a matter of personal interpretation. I must confess that when I worked in and around the court system, I […]

“Team building” exercises

I enjoy working in a team with intelligent and motivated people where communication is clear and there is respect between the members of the team. But I think I may have mentioned before on this blog that, in some respects, I’m not a team player (at least insofar as the concept is conceived of by […]

Feelin’ blue about blogging

Lately, I just haven’t felt inspired by blogging. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the midwinter blues. Perhaps I’ve just been working too hard (full time thesis, preparing for next semester, doing consulting work, looking after baby, blogging…all too much?) Or perhaps it’s finding out that we have to move again when our lease ends […]

We ain’t that bad, really!

As a lawyer, my eye was caught by an excerpt from one of The Road to Surfdom’s latest posts: In a country where the federal cabinet consists of little but grey soulless lawyers, it’s ironic that some of the most admirable characters in the struggle to defend personal liberty and democratic principle are also members […]

Australia’s Noisiest Blogs

Another day, another dollar… and another list of Australia’s top blogs. This list, produced by, uses a different algorithm to that used by other ranking systems, and discounts Alexa. It’s particularly interesting because – unusually – the successful political and business blogs are all mixed in together. Tim Blair – as you would expect […]

A new defence? Provocation by computer

A German man has been excused for throwing his computer out of his apartment window in the middle of the night and disturbing the peace. A police spokesman said, “Who hasn’t felt like doing that?” I sympathise too. Sometimes computers can be so frustrating. I once slapped a computer, which hurt me more than it […]

I’m not going to Gippsland any time soon

You know when it rains, all these spiders suddenly appear in the corners of the roof? It seems the same thing happens when there’s a flood, but on a massive scale. I just read an article about many species of spiders leaving Gippsland because of the floods, trying to find dry spots. Poor people in […]

The thought police are listening

It seems pretty ridiculous that Dr Haneef has been charged with supporting a terrorist organisation by leaving his SIM card with his second cousins in Glasgow. I was wondering how they could charge him, and decided to look at the terrorism offences. I’m not a criminal lawyer, let alone one acquainted with the Federal jurisdiction. […]