Australia’s Noisiest Blogs

By skepticlawyer


Another day, another dollar… and another list of Australia’s top blogs. This list, produced by, uses a different algorithm to that used by other ranking systems, and discounts Alexa. It’s particularly interesting because – unusually – the successful political and business blogs are all mixed in together. Tim Blair – as you would expect – is at number 2, and chasing the number 1 spot pretty hard.

The bigger political blogs are also up in the top thirty, as you would expect. As with all such lists, however, there are omissions. Once again (this happened on a couple of the other lists as well), Club Troppo is missing [so too is John Quiggin – something to do with ‘claiming’ your blog]. The various listing algorithms seem to dislike it, which is irritating. Catallaxy comes in at 18, which sounds about right. The methodology is as follows:

What the script does is:
– takes the URL of the blog as submitted on AustralianBlogs
– queries the Yahoo search engine for backlinks for that URL (ie. the number of webpages that link back to your blog)
– cleans it up a little and sorts the results in descending order

The thinking behind this form of measurement is that, in lieu of robust web traffic stats, backlinks are a means of seeing which blogs are being referred to, or in turn blogged about (ie. ‘noisy’).

I hate to turn this thing into a popularity contest because it isn’t. Blogging should cover anything and everything that is of interest to anyone, and should be weighted accordingly. I toyed with the idea of breaking the noisy list into tags/categories, perhaps something for the to-do list.

There are lots of holes in this little toy, for example the number of links vary depending on the URL used ( may return different results to – we ended up using the URL as submitted to AustralianBlogs to mitigate this). It also doesn’t seem to handle the myspace sites very well. Anyway, lots to keep us busy :).

I hope we’ll be forgiven for the ‘fuzziness’ of the results but my primary goal for publishing this raw little list is to highlight the fact that our local blogosphere is vibrant and has the breadth to match.

We’ll take being called ‘noisy’ around these parts, too – if 600+ comments on a particular Open Thread are anything to go by.

Update: I misread 18 for 19. I’m dyslexic, mmmkay.


  1. JC.
    Posted July 21, 2007 at 2:21 am | Permalink


    I’d love to but I can’t. It’s impossible.

    Settle down doofus, life isn’t meant to be this serious.



    Can I ask you a personal question? Are you an academic/teacher of some sort?

  2. Posted July 21, 2007 at 3:21 am | Permalink

    JC, time for you to pull your head in as well. There are better things to do than fling poo on blogs late at night. Apart from anything else it keeps the moderators awake at all hours.

  3. Jason Soon
    Posted July 21, 2007 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    Alright people, if this thread is going to degenerate into another pointless navel gazing stoush I will just close it.

    And no, GMB, you can stop reposting your comments. You do not have the ‘freedom’ to expose me to possible legal action because of your comments.