Monthly Archives: September 2007

I’m the most good

I saw this at Bruce’s site and Ninglun’s site. So of course, I had to try it and it seems I’m the most good, but only by a slim 3%. Must be all that time I spend studying the Kabbalah and contemplating the Ein Sof.

Out of it

I can tell that I’ve been out of it lately. How else can I explain that I missed the fact that Robert Jordan, author of The Wheel of Time series, died last week? Condolences to his family. I hope someone will finish off the series, otherwise I’ll be left with this hanging on the edge […]

The sad consequences of losing a pair of pants

You may recall that Roy Pearson, a US administrative law judge, filed a multi-million dollar claim against the Chungs for losing a pair of his pants (earlier explanations here and here). He lost resoundingly, and then appealed. Pearson’s contract as a judge was unlikely to be renewed as a result of his conduct and the […]

One is fun, two is double trouble

A mother of IVF twins is suing the doctor who runs the IVF clinic because she says that she only wanted one child implanted, not two, and she has now suffered emotional stress, financial stress and problems in her relationship with her lesbian partner. The mothers are seeking $398,000 to cover the costs of raising […]

Supernatural suing

I was talking to a friend, and we both feel a bit sick of all the political jockeying in the news at the moment. So, let’s look at some different news. 1. Luis, Armand and Angel I wrote a post about bizarre lawyers last year. One was Philipino judge Florentino V. Flores Jr, a trial […]

It’s a dog’s life

Apparently there is a booming industry for lawyers in the US who represent animals, particularly in the context of relationship breakdown and estate planning. As the Legal Soapbox commented the other day, a US property development mogul left a substantially larger bequest for her dog than she left for any of her human relatives. And […]


Every now and again, something from your past pops up out of your breakfast cereal and gets you thinking. Last night I was chilling out with a few cold ones when an email from a good mate in the Australian Skeptics landed in my in-tray. The mate wanted me to tell him my version of […]

It ain’t what you say, it’s the way you say it

I wrote a post a few days back on Catherine Deveny’s article on changing one’s name after marriage. Although I enjoy Deveny’s pieces in the weekend TV guide, I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed many of her pieces in the opinion section, although I always try to keep an open mind. The piece about changing […]

LDP at APEC (and lots of other goodies, too)

Catallaxy regular Fatfingers showed just how dexterous he can be at the APEC protests last week. If you follow the links below, you’ll be able to take a gander at the photographs he took, with some pretty decent video footage to follow. He’s in the process of editing the latter, so if anyone wants copies, […]

Kids with guns

No, this isn’t a reference to the song by Gorillaz. It’s a reference to a Tasmanian government report that has been leaked to the press. It apparently suggests allowing children between the ages of 12 and 16 years old to use guns if they live in remote farming areas. I am a lifelong city-slicker who […]