Monthly Archives: October 2007

A good use for old knickers

As regular readers will know, we have just moved house. In the process, I have discovered that I have an awful lot of stuff which I don’t need, and I’ve been trying to cull my things. On Saturday I went through my underpants drawer, and threw out the knickers that had baggy elastic, or strange […]

More on defamation and blogging

It seems that the threat of defamation proceedings for blog posts is alive and well in Australia. Check out this post on The Local at (Hat tip to the inestimable Jim Belshaw)

Defamation and anonymous blogging

Has anyone else ever put comments up in online forums, or in response to newspaper stories or blog posts? If you’re reading this post, I suspect that you might have been tempted to do so. You know the drill then. You are required to enter your name in a box headed “Name”, and then you […]

Mad World

It’s reasonably difficult to unite the disparate partisans of town and gown in Oxford, but this mob have figured out how to do it. The chants of ‘Oxford University: Animal Abusers! Oxford University: Animal Killers!’ went up outside the Sheldonian on Saturday. People were graduating, although the Oxford student the protesters decided to target wasn’t […]

Animal meme

An interesting animal I had Really it would be an interesting animal owned by my family. There was Blinky the daredevil silken haired hamster, who liked to hang off the top of her cage and drop off. She was psycho. Then of course there’s the family dog, an insane but loving Jack Russell who lives […]

Not so funny…

On Wednesday night, The Chaser featured a song which poked fun at Princess Di, Steve Irwin, Peter Brock, Stan Zemanek, Don Bradman, Kerry Packer and other dead celebrities. It has been widely slammed by politicians. The Herald Sun editorial says that the song “gratuitously slandered people whose memories are cherished by Australians.” Chris Taylor, the […]

15 minutes of fame

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” (Andy Warhol) Seems like it’s my turn to have 15 minutes of fame. On Sunday, The Age had an article about legal blogs, featuring a quote from yours truly at the end. The hard copy is even better because it has a picture of the […]

Being an un-person

I really hate being a sessional lecturer. Most of the time, I feel like I’m an un-person as far as this university is concerned. I do not have a proper office; I have to squat in the office of whichever person happens to be on leave at the time. I do not have a proper […]

Specially for Stocky

Here at the Legal Soapbox, I don’t often indulge in “in jokes”. But I couldn’t help myself. We know you love Nick, Stocky, don’t keep denying it. [For the inside story on what Nick Nolte is doing here see this article at TMZ, from which the first set of photos are sourced]

Playing the race card

Last night when I was driving home, I saw a large group of boys standing on the pavement outside the Housing Commission flats. The boys were predominately of African descent. I was thinking about it when I got home. The boys had been dominating the footpath. Would I have felt nervous if I had been […]