Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Oxford Union does its thang…

Not sure if this has made the news in Oz, but it’s been front page news over here for nigh on a week. I’ve written a piece for the Telegraph (not the Oz version, the British version), to which you’re free to add your comments (it seems to be similar to the Guardian’s ‘Comment is […]

Kevin Rudd = Trendy Vicar (and some reflections on the ASBO)

Now that Kevin Rudd is firmly ensconced as Australia’s Prime Minister elect, it’s worth looking at the social democratic party his ALP most resembles: Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s ‘New Labour’. Just as Blair was Thatcher-lite, Rudd is Howard-lite, with the crucial difference that Rudd appears – at least superficially – to be even more […]

Childcare, guilt and the working parent

After we moved to our new house, I bit the bullet and put our daughter in creche. I reasoned that she’s almost 2 years old, so she should be able to cope with it. The first time was awful. I stayed with her for three quarters of an hour before I left. She was very […]

Earliest memory meme

Lad Litter has tagged me for the earliest memory meme. My earliest memory is of a man with crinkly brown skin and sparkly brown eyes sitting on a giant tortoise. Seriously. I was two and a half years old, and my family had just been seconded to the UK for a few years (for the […]

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot… and Oliver Cromwell the vandal

As promised, three sets of Oxford images for readers’ entertainment. First up is a set I took after dodging a day hitting the books. While the light was good, I clambered up St Mary’s bell tower. She’s Oxford’s official ‘University church’, and classes were once held there. Archbishop Cranmer (he of ‘Book of Common Prayer’ […]

You can tell I’m busy when…

I can’t even find the time to write blog posts! I have received a number of queries asking where I am, whether I’m OK and indeed, whether I’m still alive. Yes, I’m OK and still living and breathing. Shortly, I am buried under marking. I’m 40% of the way there. I hope to be at […]

Bloggers don’t (or shouldn’t) live by shitfights alone…

… So fatfingers has set up a poll for Catallaxy’s best commenter. The software restricts him to 30, so he’s left a few people off the list and gone for a goodly sprinkling of our regulars. ‘Best’ is probably best left to you, but for me it means manners, avoiding ad-homs and trying to present […]

Fair recompense

Have I spoken about the case of Roxborough v Rothmans of Pall Mall Australia Limited [2001] HCA 68 on this blog before? If not, I’m surprised, because it’s one of my bug-bears. Put briefly, tobacco wholesalers collected excise tax to pay to the State government. This tax was forwarded from tobacco retailers, who in turn charged […]

Surveys and silliness

It has been a hectic few weeks. Teaching has ended for the year. As always, I got a corker of a comment in the student feedback surveys. One student said that I should “dress up as a gangsta” and bring my daughter to class as an example of “ginger power”. That made me laugh. I […]