Monthly Archives: January 2008

The Wedding Industry

I have been privileged to be involved in a few weddings lately as a bridesmaid (or, if you like, a matron of honour, although I don’t much like the thought of being “matronly”). On Saturday, I spent the day with one of my brides looking at bridal dress shops. Ugh! I think it’s fair to […]

Bloody Hell, the Bulletin is gone

Just hopped over to LP to discover the Bully – an Australian institution of a type – has folded. Currently the internet is being blamed, but other magazines have been able to come through the internet and thrive. What gives?

4th Test heroics (we hope)

Cricket tragics over to Tony the Teacher’s place for 4th Test action. Once again Spanky Roebuck has covered himself in, well, err… something best left to your imagination. (Non) Money quote: That is to confuse joy with rage. Likewise, the umpiring was acceptable and even-handed. Only lamingtons imagine otherwise. The game is up for that […]

Getting it wrong. Twice.

I’m not giving big ups to The Oxford Story, one of this town’s cheezier attractions (or erstwhile attractions, it’s gone tits up, as the website reveals). That said, this piece of deep-as-a-pat-of-butter travel journalism makes The Oxford Story look positively stellar. The terribly instructive video presentation enlightens us as to what the Oxford student lifestyle […]

Clowns sicken young patients

I’ve written posts before about my deep and abiding hatred of clowns. Once on a plane, that movie Patch Adams was showing, featuring Robin Williams as an unconventional doctor who wears a clown outfit. I tried to keep my eyes closed for most of it after I saw him wearing long shoes and a red […]

‘Good’ Libertarians

While we’re busy trying to avoid guilt by association with loony tunes, Mark Bahnisch has actually done a beaut bit of fisking on a Grauniad columnist who has a problem both with Facebook (quel horreur, it involves people and computers) and with Facebook’s funders because they’re, ahem, libertarians: I won’t repeat again all the arguments […]

Monkey business no laughing matter

This rather offensive picture comes from Josiah Clark Nott and George Robert Gliddon, Indigenous races of the earth (First published 1857). It illustrates scientific theories of racism in the 19th century, which continued into the early 20th century. Essentially, the theory is that Aryan “races” are superior in evolutionary terms to Black “races”, and that […]

Fireworks! I has it!

Finally figured out how to take fireworks pics in Edinburgh, and as promised, here they are. I’ve also included some blizzard photographs as well, although I haven’t worked out how to do snowflakes properly – they come out looking like sleet, despite the white stuff all over the ground. Maybe Heath G can advise. I’ll […]

For the love of Chris

Possibly I shouldn’t laugh. But I got a hilarious spam e-mail today, and I can’t help reproducing it for you too: Dear Beloved In Chris i am mrshelen david brown the wife of fomer ministre of agricuture in sudan here in africa, i know that you may not believe my story becuse of what is […]

Waxing lyrical

Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but I’ve never understood the appeal of the Brazilian wax. In fact, I’m a bit disturbed by the thought that there might be guys out there who prefer women to be hairless. Do these guys like to imagine that the woman is very young? Erk. There is a piece in The Age […]