Monthly Archives: May 2008

Hysteria over obesity

Before winter set in here in Melbourne, I picked up my daughter from creche. The carer said, “She didn’t eat any lunch, but she ate all the afternoon tea, which was nachos.” I was curious. “What was lunch?” I asked. The carer sighed. “Salad,” she said. I gave her a wry look. “Yes,” she said, […]

It’s a boy…I can prove it!

In comments on the Bill Henson post, Deus Ex Macintosh said: Pr*n is a definition of taste rather than fact (see my previous comment). Nowt wrong with naked kids and in the bath is fine, just don’t flash the ones with their legs wide open in public. Thanks to digital photography it’s now easy to […]

“Officer, that lion is a hoon!”

I just can’t get over this picture of a lion enjoying himself on a “wall of death” ride in a sidecar. He looks like he’s having so much fun. Apparently this was taken in Massachusetts in 1929. Seriously. (Via The Stumblng Tumblr)

The scary side of karma

Adrian the cabbie has an interesting post on karma. When someone does you wrong, you often wish that either that the consequences of their actions will come back to bite them on the bottom, or that something equivalent happens to them as a result of their bad actions. It’s a tantalising concept, and a tempting […]

Can religious discrimination be justified?

James Farrell’s thought-provoking post at Club Troppo got me chewing over this question, and to that end I thought I’d share one of the papers I wrote last term for Oxford Jurisprudence. In brief, it’s a serious engagement with the ideas of John Finnis, who argues (among many other things) that discrimination on the basis […]

Blogging judges

You don’t get many blogging judges. In fact, I can’t really imagine any of the judges of my acquaintance writing a blog, although I can imagine them reading legal blogs avidly. However, I read this story of a US Federal Court judge in Massachusetts, Nancy Gertner, who has commenced blogging for Slate magazine. I would think […]

Today’s round of downtime

It seems I managed to enjoy the benefits of an obscure bug in our web serving software. I’ve applied the workaround, which should — excuse me while I grimace — prevent it from happening again. Update: I’m also installed monit, a tool which watches the server to ensure everything is still running and OK. I’ve […]

Being Behinderhund or, blogging while disabled – guest post by DeusExMacintosh

DeusExMacintosh is one of our regular commenters, and earlier this year she had a slightly unusual run-in with facebook, which seems to be an organisation somewhat given to perverse control-freakery. While not on a par with the casual denigration on display here, it’s still pretty ordinary. I asked her if she’d be interested in telling […]

The Left Hand of Darkness

The other day I was reading Ursula Le Guin’s novel, The Left Hand of Darkness. I hadn’t read it for 10 or so years; I had forgotten what an excellent book it was. Shortly, the book involves a male human diplomat and explorer arriving in a world, Gethen, where the sentient inhabitants are humanoid androgynes. […]

The Bill Henson ‘kiddy porn’ fiasco

I don’t have time to write a proper post on this, but I will make two points that seem to have been missed in all the brouhaha. This has turned into a proper post by default, partly through offline questions and partly through reading other blogs around the traps. First, it is not possible for […]