Types of lawyers

By Legal Eagle

Here is a rather amusing post about the 17 different types of lawyer. I’ve meant to put it up for a while, but it got lost in my Inbox.

I don’t think it covers me, but then again, I am a rara avis. I do know, however, at least one Lawyer Who Is Writing A Thriller, although it’s not a legal one. And I know a lot of people who would consider they are Lawyers in the Wrong Profession.

(Hat tip to Dave Bath at Balneus for sending me this).

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  1. Posted May 15, 2008 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    LE: If you aren’t in the list yet, it might be because it is an ongoing and irregular series.
    And what’s the chance given “Expectant” that you won’t have a touch of the breast-pumper type between lectures sometime soonish?

    Do you care to author a similar series (with an Oz bent) on SL that fills in the gaps of the US version?

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