Monthly Archives: June 2008

Bloggy news

For those who are fans of his work (I am), it’s my sad duty to report (via Club Troppo) that Andrew Leigh has accepted Leviathan’s inducements and is heading off to work for Treasury for a while. Among other things, he has to can his blog (or at least put it in cold storage) for […]

On Zimbabwe

A terrible catastrophe is playing out in Zimbabwe, one that – in light of South Africa’s ongoing complicity – calls into question the possibility of achieving the rule of law in Southern Africa. Only Botswana seems able to do it, and even there, the hold is fragile – imperilled by atrocious HIV rates. A very […]

Women and sci-fi

I came across this interesting post on how to get women more interested in sci-fi writing and film. I’m probably not the best chick to ask about this – all my favourite films are sci-fi films, as well as most of my favourite television series. I also have a large sci-fi/fantasy book collection. I think […]

‘I won’t testify. I’m afraid’

Two things jumped out at me after sitting today’s evidence exam (apart from the fact that the seats in the Examination Schools are bloody uncomfortable). The first was the SCOTUS ruling in Heller, where the Court held 5-4 that owning a gun for self-defence purposes was a Second Amendment right, while the second was the […]

Quote for the Day

Sir Humphrey: Bernard, subsidy is for art … for culture. It is not to be given to what the people want, it is for what the people don’t want but ought to have. The inimitable Yes, Minister.

Newsnanny knows best

John Quiggin has a useful wrap-up on David Burchell’s peculiar piece of newsnannyism in the Oz. David and his fellow journalists are clearly the nannies, and clearly it’s their job to look after the news. No-one else gets a look in, presumably because we’re, ahem, not worthy. Burchell buckets all and sundry, albeit obliquely, while […]

Servant to the masses

I’ve written before about how frustrating it is to be a sessional staff member at a university: I am an “un-person” without clear status and rights. “How long are you taking off on maternity leave?” asked one colleague the other day, and I fixed her with a wry glance. “Maternity leave? Um, this coming term, […]

Poor old Keith Mason

Another post on the restitution vs equity divide! But this time, inspired by a MSM attack by Janet Albrechtsen on Keith Mason (former president of the NSWCA). I feel sorry for Mason – kicked in the teeth by the HCA, and then by Janet. Let’s have a look first at what Keith Mason said in […]

Good people

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately: marking a stack of exams, a conference paper that was supposed to be due in yesterday (erm…they’ll have to wait), amending another paper for publication, doing a PhD, looking after a 2 year old, another child on the way, as well as a terrible cold and cough which […]

Rebates and bonuses

I note that there has been a contretemps between the Federal Government and ABC Learning over ABC Learning’s decision to raise childcare fees, although it insists this is not a respose to the Federal Budget’s decision to increase childcare rebate fees. ABC Learning is not alone; in a strange coincidence, the childcare centre to which […]