By Legal Eagle

I pity the poor Cambodian lad in this report:

A Cambodian teenager was recovering in hospital after a puffer fish attacked him in the groin, local media reported on Tuesday.

The Khmer-language Koh Santepheap daily ran a picture of the unnamed 13-year-old in a hospital bed with heavy strapping around his testicles, saying he was lucky to be alive.

The paper quoted the boy’s father, Sok Ly, as saying the fish had become enraged when it was accidentally trapped in the boy’s net and, when it was freed, had attacked the boy’s scrotum.

If you look at the article, you can see a picture of a puffer fish – looks sort of like a round porcupine when enraged. However, from what I can see of non-enraged puffer fish, they look quite harmless and benign… Poor kid.

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