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You know the world has changed…

… when the best golfer in the world is black, the best rapper in the world is white, and the best basketballer in the world is Chinese. And when the Republicans endorse a working-class woman for Vice President (not to mention all the other firsts in this topsy-turvy election year). UPDATE: There’s some analysis from […]


Sorry folks, it’s me. These days when I install WordPress I do a checkout from the main source repository, which has the nice property that I need only run a single command to update the exact files which change from version to version without having to do anything chancy. At least, that’s the theory. It’s […]

Divorce may be a Good Thing (quel horreur!)

Obviously, that headline can be taken any one of a number of ways, and if you’re recently divorced, it may even inspire you to find the homo economicus who wrote it (me) and burn my house down. So – with that in mind – I’ll just ask you to hear me out, and see where […]

Seinfeld achieves judicial immortality again!

Seinfeld has already been used to illustrate competition law in the US. But it seems he can also be used to describe contractual good faith! Author Tom Clancy is being sued by his ex-wife Wanda over a decision to remove his name from a series of books. The court was considering whether the act was […]

Harry Krishna?

I’m fascinated by the Harry Potter industry. We’ve already seen Warner Bros and J.K. Rowling take on a New York librarian and lexicon author for copyright infringement. Now they are taking on the might of Bollywood… The Indian movie is called Hari Puttar – A Comedy of Terrors. The Hollywood Reporter tells us: The case […]

Making litigation less expensive

Nicholas Gruen has written an interesting piece over at Club Troppo about reforms to litigation. Go and have a read. I have long thought some kind of hybrid between adversarial and inquisitorial might be the way to go.

Restitution Blog Posts

Anyone who loves restitution law will have been aware for some time of the Restitution Legal Resource page, maintained by Steve Hedley. It’s a fantastic resource for restitution scholars. Now Steve has added a page of restitution-related blog posts. How awesome is that? I’m proud to say that a few of them have been penned […]

If you notice this notice…

…you’ll notice this notice is not worth noticing. This story made me laugh. It concerns the tale of two frustrated creative writing students on a mission to save the US from bad grammar. Unfortunately, the tale ends in tragedy: A campaign by two grammar vigilantes to correct mistakes on signs across America has come to an […]

Legal Eagle On Rage

I think my response and reading of Germaine Greer’s piece On Rage has emanated from my own feelings about rage. So I thought I might explore rage myself. Sometimes, rage can be a productive emotion. For example, when I lived in the UK, the school I attended initially told my mother that they thought I […]

Mrs Wu: ‘whose revolution is it anyway?’

More news funnies, courtesy our friends at Channel 4. And two Chinese grandmothers with a terrific attitude.