Monthly Archives: September 2008

Maternity leave

The law firm for which I worked when I had my daughter did not have paid maternity leave unless you were a partner. As far as I know, only one woman ever met that hurdle. It is a really short-sighted position to take when you are a profitable business with a pretty good turnover. I […]

Tuesday Funnies

…At the expense of Gordon Brown and the rubbery-faced homunculus who wants his job even more than David Cameron. Artwork by DeusExMacinstosh.  

Women still struggle at the Bar

There were two depressing reports in The Australian today which indicate that female barristers are not treated equally compared to male barristers in terms of pay and briefing practices. Well, I’ll tell you something. I would rather brief an unknown female barrister than a unknown male barrister. Not for affirmative action reasons, but because over […]

The abortion post we had to have – part #1

When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running-mate, there was immediate controversy over her opposition to abortion. Much of this controversy is both confused and confusing, and after yet again explaining to a non-lawyer friend that overturning Roe v Wade would not result in an immediate ban on abortion across the US, I decided […]

It’s a dog’s life…

Trust lawyers are taught every trust must have an “object”: that is, someone who benefits from the trust. In some limited circumstances, the object may be a purpose rather than a person (generally charitable, but in rare circumstances, non-charitable). It seems, in many US States at least, that you no longer have to be human […]

Hari Puttar update

I wrote a post earlier on the Harry Potter/Hari Puttar dispute between Warner Bros and Bollywood. Via, I see that the BBC reports that Warner Bros has failed in its case against the Hari Puttar filmmakers: The makers of the blockbuster Harry Potter films said the title of the Indian movie was too similar. […]

Cowards’ Castle: Wayne Swan is an arsehat

Regular commenter fatfingers draws my attention to this little expectoration from within Cowards’ Castle’s protective walls. Memo to Wayne: the first vote I cast – in 1989 – was for the ALP. I stopped voting Labor in 1996 because I got the distinct impression that Labor viewed me and my kind with contempt. Having Kevin […]

Can’t be too long…

Today I’ve officially got 6 weeks to go until Baby is born. I’d know it wasn’t too far off anyway, because I have been overtaken by some very strange impulses…namely, cleaning impulses. Usually I’m not a very tidy person. Last time, before I had my daughter, I drove my poor husband wild. I tried to […]

International insolvency regime

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers investment bank will (naturally) have ramifications for those Australian investors who had dealings with the Australian arm of the bank. Wingecaribee Shire Council had already commenced proceedings in the Federal Court as a result of the loss in value of products purchased from Lehman’s in the wake of the sub-prime […]

Banking bailout or economic bailout? Guest post by Joe Cambria

[Joe Cambria – our in-house trader – takes a hard look at the arguments swirling around government intervention and buyouts in the recent finance fooferaw. It’s not as simple as it looks…] No one needs another blog post telling him or her what’s been going on in the financial markets. I also don’t need to […]