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Sunday Funnies by DeusExMacinstosh

Hurrah for the demise of the low-doc loan

Apparently lenders are leaving the low-doc loan market in droves. Hurrah for that! As someone who worked for lenders and repossessed houses on their behalf, I saw loans that should never have been made in the first place. Low-doc loans are irresponsible: by the very nature of the beast, the borrower is likely to have […]

Hell hath no fury…

like a lawyer scorned by other lawyers. Former Queensland Chief Magistrate Di Fingleton was charged and convicted of an offence pursuant to s 119B of the Criminal Code which prohibits unlawful retaliation against a witness. Ms Fingleton was first subject to a Crime and Misconduct Commission investigation, then a committal hearing and two criminal trials and an […]

Fascism Friday – Die Welle

In 1967, teacher Ron Jones conducted his very own Stanford Prison Experiment. Fed up with ‘yeah, whatever’ and the ever popular ‘but we wouldn’t do that’ student responses in his classes on fascism and Nazism, he introduced autocracy to his 15 year-old charges by doing it. He figured he’d need about a fortnight to get […]

The problem with financial modelling – comment by Joe Cambria

Joe Cambria is a trader who has been watching blood spread all over the stockmarket floor during the last week. In the UK, short-selling of financial stocks has now been banned, although this move doesn’t address the fundamental problem of building wealth on debt. Joe has also spotted another problem – the increased reliance on […]

Passwords: I hates them

Over at Club Troppo, Jacques (our redoubtable admin) informs us that a bunch of not very nice internet types have hacked Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account. This seems to be part of an ongoing attempt to prove that she improperly conducted government business using her private account, although it appears that there was nothing to […]

Accelerated learning comes to Court

The mother of a very gifted child is suing the Queensland Government for failing to enrol her 9 year old daughter in Year 8 at a Queensland public school. There is no minimum age for enrollment in high school, but the Queensland Government cited fears over the girl’s social development as a reason for refusing […]

Lawyer blues

I’ve written extensively on this topic before (here, here, here, here and here). It’s one of my bugbears – why are lawyers so prone to depression? Is it something about the kind of person who is attracted to studying law, or is it something which is created by the way in which the law functions? Or […]

‘By Jingo if I do’

Before I get to DeusExMacintosh’s latest funny, a couple of announcements: regular commenter John Hasenkam now has his own blog (mainly matters medical), while another regular, Pavlov’s Cat, has moved blogs (although she’s still with blogger, natch). A nice feature of her new home is the series of rotating headers featuring what is quite possibly […]

Student evaluations again

I’ve written before on student evaluations, with a bit of a giggle about some of the answers I get. As I have said, my worry has always been that the kinds of questions asked are too vague, and the responses don’t really reflect, well…anything: There is also a “multiple choice” part of the questionnaire that […]