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Only in Japan…

A Japanese man has reportedly started a petition to allow marriage between real people and two-dimensional cartoon characters. Cartoon books or manga are immensely popular in Japan, as are anime or cartoon movies. Some people are totally obsessed with them (manga otaku or anime otaku). Hence there have been many signatories to the petition. I […]

Windbags beware

In a speech to mark the 25th anniversary of the creation of the office of Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions, the present incumbent, Jeremy Rapke QC, has suggested that windbag barristers should be prevented from making overly lengthy submissions: Judicial control of, and intervention in, criminal proceedings ought to extend to all pre-trial procedures and […]

Now this is nifty stuff with numbers

… Maps exploring the demographics of dog ownership (yes, it’s true, working class people do own pitbulls, while the rich prefer labradors and poodles), the demographics of death in Britain (I always thought the worst gulf in life expectancy between groups was rural Aborigines and urban whites in Australia. Not so – the biggest gap […]

Caffeine, not rosemary, is for remembrance

Dave over at Balneus alerted me to an interesting article which looks at sleep deprivation and false memories. In passing, the article says: Sleep deprivation at retrieval, but not sleep following learning, critically enhanced false memories of theme words. This effect was abolished by caffeine administration prior to retrieval. Dave wonders whether witnesses in trials […]

Sunday Funnies

… Courtesy DeusExMacintosh.

On reporting in an election year

If I were a father and had a daughter who was dishonored I would not despair over her; I would pray for her salvation. But if I had a son who became a journalist, and remained a journalist for five years I would give him up. Possibly, I should have been wrong in this particular […]

Perils of Facebook

If you are going to “chuck a sickie” after a big night out, it’s probably not a good idea to announce it in your status update on Facebook. But that is exactly what a Sydney call centre worker did…and of course, he was sprung by his boss. Oh well, at least he seems to have […]

Charges against Einfeld quashed

As outlined in a previous post, former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld was committed to stand trial on a variety of offences relating to false declarations about who was driving his car when certain speeding fines were incurred. The latest update is that Mr Einfeld has successfully applied to the New South Wales Court of […]

Trespassers will be prosecuted…

regardless of species. Seven cows, fifty chickens and a dog named “Cobber” have been served with a trespass notice in the outback town of Humpty Doo. The owner of the animals was also included in the notice. The trespass notice warns Mr Allan, the cows, the dog and “50 fowls” to stay off Ms Miller’s […]

Sunday Funnies

Courtesy DeusExMacintosh.