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The Game of Chicken, brought to you by Metallica

More on Chicken in game theory here.

‘Some rooms are like cages’

Sonny sits by his window and thinks to himself How it’s strange that some rooms are like cages. Sonny’s yearbook from high school Is down from the shelf – And he idly thumbs through the pages. Some have died. Some have fled from themselves. Or struggled from here to get there. – Paul Simon, The […]

The Silk Road

The Chief Justice of Victoria has announced the silks for this year, which has again prompted a sharp response from barrister John Riordan. Some may recall that Riordan also protested last year, accusing the Supreme Court of pressuring the Bar Council to retain the process of appointing silks, an accusation which was rejected by Chief […]

Terror stopped play

You know terrorism is getting serious in India when it puts the kybosh on multiple cricket matches. To my knowledge, terror attacks in India proper have never resulted in the cancellation of a single game. By contrast, these attacks have scuppered the current England tour, the Champions league and the ICL 20/20 tournament. That’s three MAJOR […]

The faceoff gets ugly

…Courtesy DeusExMacintosh

Restitution lawyers of Australia, be on notice

There may be a whole string of cases coming your way?! In news today, it was reported that the Commonwealth Bank online banking has been thrown into chaos: Turmoil has hit the Commonwealth Bank’s online banking system after it duplicated customer transactions. The double-up, caused by an overnight processing error, has affected NetBank customers, the […]

UK economy hits bottom, digs

This may not have made the news in Oz as yet, but among a package of ‘rescue measures’ aimed at bolstering the British economy, Chancellor Alistair Darling will cut VAT (the UK’s GST) by 2.5% starting on Monday – in time for the peak Christmas shopping period. We currently pay 17.5%, so it’s probably fair to […]

Monday Funnies

… Courtesy DeusExMacintosh By way of background, a somewhat out-of-date but nonetheless partially current list of BNP members was leaked last week, producing several comical side-effects. First, the BNP is suing for breach of the privacy rights enshrined in the EU-inspired Human Rights Act. One of its policies is the repeal of the Human Rights […]

Gender Analyzer

According to the site, this site has an 82% likelihood of being written by a man. Whereas Tim Blair’s site has a 72% chance of being written by a female. Hmm. I’m thinking the text classifier needs a little work. I’m wondering what aspect of our writing makes it more “male”?!?

Be careful with phone photos

The moral of this story is that if you choose to take nude photos of your wife with your phone camera, you should be careful about where you leave your phone: A man is suing McDonald’s after he left his mobile phone at one of the chain’s restaurants and nude photos of his wife ended […]