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‘Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.‘ Bill Cosby Both times after I have given birth, I have been simply overwhelmed by the love I feel for my babies. It’s a deep-seated, primal kind of love, accompanied by a fierce desire to protect. Sometimes we […]

Don’t dream, it’s over

I’ve been watching from afar as Australia’s cricketing fortunes have taken a tumble over the last few series. All sorts of prognostications and punditry have been engaged in by all sorts, but for me, it’s pretty simple. What goes up must come down. We had a lengthy period in the sun, one which is now […]

Not quite New Year…

… but lots of chuckles anyway. The insane masters of cardboard cut-outs at JibJab present their annual review. I do like the nifty stunt 2009 pulls right at the end.    Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Boxing Day Funnies

Channel 4 have landed themselves in a spot of hot water by getting the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinenutjob to deliver their alternative Christmas Message (the Beeb gets to broadcast the Queen’s Christmas Message). One of Mahmoud’s complaints? George W Bush is insufficiently religious. ‘Nuff said, really. Cartoon (and amusing commentary, do check it out) via […]

Shit, it’s Christmas

At some point in the last three years I stuck Jeff Foxworthy’s ‘Redneck 12 Days of Christmas’ up on a Catallaxy Christmas post, which means I can’t do it again. That said, there’s no rule against a bit more Jeff for y’all. Since everyone seems to be pretty happy to have shifted one particular redneck […]

I do not want what I have not got

Being in debt is not fun. I saw a fair bit of it growing up — saw family-members drown under the combined weight of car loans, the tallyman and (occasionally, for the richer ones) the mortgage. As a consequence, I promised myself that I’d never get saddled under a mountain of debt. The idea of […]

An update

Amongst the various websites I have a hand in, Skepticlawyer is the first one which I’ve moved to WordPress 2.7. If there’s a sudden decline in posting volume from SL and LE, you can blame the all-new interface that came down the pipe.

A meme (with homage to Pavlov’s Cat)

I’ve never done one of these, but right now am feeling relaxed and comfortable enough to make the attempt: I’m tutoring jurisprudence and constitutional law (UK version — parliament always wins) next term (which also means cash on top of the scholarship — always handy), the thesis is going well, and I’ve bitten the career […]

Contains law: open with caution

Affirmative action and its whiff — at least as spotted on Planet Janet — came up on Legal Eagle’s thread on the appointment of Justice Bell to the High Court. I’ve since had a couple of emails — and participated in a lengthy thread elsewhere — that discussed it. People are surprised when I say […]

Unhappy catz

If the Christmas rush is getting you down, just thank God that you are not a Japanese cat. This site called “Cat Prin” has some great random cat costumes (Anne of Green Gables, leopard, business suit). And it features some of the best Engrish I’ve read in a while. Here’s a sample to tantalize you: […]