Blog Wars Redux

By skepticlawyer

Crikey have decided to monetize the various lefty groups that dine out on attacking Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt. First there was Boltwatch, then the Blair/Bolt Watch Project. Now there’s Crikey’s ‘Pure Poison‘. ‘Boltwatch’ originally belonged solely to Jeremy Sear (of Anonymous Lefty fame), but the Blair/Bolt Watch Project was a collaborative effort, recruiting the ‘talent’ (and I use that word advisedly) of the people at a blog called ‘grods corp‘ (the title refers, apparently, to underwear).

I’ve long thought the ‘grods corp’ crowd to be among the nastier bunches floating around the Oz interwebs, giving lefties some bullying nitwits for their very own. They’re also very, very unfunny. The unfunnyness seems to be catching, too, because when Jeremy blogged alone, he could be genuinely funny, in an understated Black Adderish way. Now he’s lost his sense of humour, and has joined the rest of them in mean-spirited point-scoring. Of course, they’ve cocked up on their very first day (as you do when trying to do this kind of thing), and Tim Blair is dining out at their expense.

They’ve now got a rather pathetic post up calling for help with point-scoring off lefties, but since they agree with many of the base suppositions that righties ‘call’ lefties on, I can’t see this working. Maybe they could attack likes of Robert Manne, David Marr and Phillip Adams from the left — a strategy the ABC employed against the Hawkeating government — but those kind of attacks tend to be earnest, not funny. Tim Blair — with some legitimacy — thinks he’s found a comedy gold mine, chiefly on the basis of marginal competence:

People, we have a new Margo. How I have longed for this day. 

What does disappoint me particularly about this Crikey effort is that they’ve sucked in Tobias Ziegler, who is actually a good blogger. He’s never been funny, but then he’s never tried to be, either. His ‘home’ blog (called, with genuine whimsy, ‘Not a Hedgehog‘) is a place of reasoned argument and useful information, and I visit it regularly.

One entirely legitimate attack that the MSM directs at the blogosphere is based on the latter’s pettiness and nastiness. Of course, they use a broad brush, and all of us are tarred. Sure, Crikey doesn’t quite count as MSM, occupying an interesting liminal space, but I’m not sure that facilitating this aspect of the blogosphere is the way for any media organisation to go. It may be one day, but not with this group of writers.

UPDATE: Mark and Kim over at LP make some interesting observations.


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    Is “I was being compared to a notorious killer” really the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth you want to impart about the Adams flap?

    For the purposes of the point I was making, it is the only relevant evidence.

    Why do you think old Uncle Phil was so keen to portray his fictional self as “having been chilled to the bone” by you?

    I have no idea. Ask him. And more to the point, why do you care?

    And why should I even care about what you obviously mistakenly think to be wonderful exercises in probing questioning?

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    Wow a stoush!!!!! 🙂 Can I play?

    Skeptic –

    working class people … should not be permitted to engage in public discourse because they offend their betters to be rather rich.

    Working class people are letting down scores of Trots who want big crowds coming to their Megaphone Blitz and screaming: Whaddywant Now! in unison. These Trots are always calling for the Revolution and those bastards can’t be bothered showing up. They go and see Richmond play Hawthorne instead. Or watch Shrek with their kids!!!

    They should be ashamed of themselves.


    Recall when Blair announced he had cancer? How many on your side of the fence were gleeful and making snide comments about his illness.


    I recall everyone on my side of the fence who commented wishing tim a speedy recovery, actually. I don’t recall any snide comments about his illness.

    See that’s democracy in action. Under Communism who controls the past controls the future. And there’s only one source of the Truth. So history is always a lie.

    In democracies history is also always a lie. But we have a choice of two lies 🙂

    Nick WS

    Why do you think old Uncle Phil was so keen to portray his fictional self as “having been chilled to the bone” by you?

    Well he wasn’t keen. But he was chilled. Y’see he’s fancied himself an intellectual for a long time and, well y’know, every now and then he actually meets one and it registers in his subconscious that he’s actually a pompous blowhard bag of shit. 🙂

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    “They go and see Richmond play Hawthorne instead”

    If you weren’t a revisionist running dog out of touch with the working class and their popular pursuits you’d know it was “Hawthorn”, not “Hawthorne”.

    The Revolutionary Purity Committee will be dropping around in a few days, comrade.

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    Comments in this thread are now in legal dispute. With that in mind, I think it’s best closed until further notice so that the relevant legal beagles can get to work.

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