MONDAY FUNNIES: Selective Termination

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A prominent US abortion doctor has been shot dead at a church in the city of Wichita, Kansas.

Dr George Tiller, one of the few US doctors who performed late-term abortions, had been vilified by anti-abortionists in the US. The gunman fled in a car, but officials say a suspect is now in custody. US Attorney General Eric Holder said the US would offer protection to “appropriate people and facilities” in the wake of Dr Tillers’ killing.

Dr Tiller’s clinic – called Women’s Health Care Services – had often been the site of demonstrations, and he had been shot and wounded by an assailant 16 years ago. Questioning of the suspect, a 51 year-old man, is continuing. Wichita Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz said he was likely to face one charge of murder and two counts of aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a gun at two other men.

Dr Tiller, who was 67, was shot just after 1000 (1500 GMT) at the Reformation Lutheran Church. His lawyer, Dan Monnat, said his client was killed while serving as an usher during a morning church service. His wife was in the choir at the time.

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UPDATE: 11/6/09.


From Little Green Footballs:

As we noted last Sunday, when murder suspect Scott Roeder was arrested, the phone number of Operation Rescue was discovered on a Post-It note in his car.

Now it turns out that this wasn’t just the phone number of the Operation Rescue office, but of a specific person: Cheryl Sullenger, the senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue — who was herself convicted in 1988 of conspiring to bomb a California abortion clinic, and served two years in prison.

Sullenger’s name even appears on the Operation Rescue press release about the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

So now we learn that one of the senior officials for Operation Rescue (who are spinning like crazy to portray themselves as a non-extremist group with no connections to violence or to Scott Roeder) is a convicted felon in an abortion clinic bombing plot. Isn’t that lovely?

It’s going to be a little harder to convince people that Scott Roeder is a lone gunman when one of your organisation’s three authorised spokespeople has been acting as a spotter for the sniper.


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    The article doesn’t say that the fostering will involve his removal from Catholic school or that he will be prevented from attending a Catholic church – in fact in the UK his foster fathers will be contractually obliged to ensure this will happen.

    But the article DOES say that the council wouldn’t comment if a more suitable couple was available and that the child was placed in an environment which is considered detrimental to a child by not just Catholics but the overwhelming majority of people, religious or otherwise in the entire world. For the religious alone, that would be an effrontery to Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews alone let alone just about eery other religion. And yes I can imagine a Muslim boy being placed with a gay couple. Not.


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    Lovely- not content to claim merely to speak for God, you now claim to speak for the entire WORLD in expressing your homophobia. Nice one, saint.

    (Any chance of your answering that question yet?)

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    Any chance of you withdrawing and apologizing for your lies DEM?

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    DEM if I were you I’d be getting rather concerned by Saint’s stalking and threatening language. He is now using his site as a platform for those who advocate the murder of those who oppose his views on abortion:

    “As far as the death of the abortionist goes I personally don’t find it evil…. In times gone by Roeder’s alleged act would be seen by Christians as morally good. Today I agree with them still. Though today the majority, and of course the state, would declare his actions criminal. ”

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    Any chance of you withdrawing and apologizing for your lies DEM?

    As a “pretend Christian” with “lack of moral clarity” who “hate[s] the church, hate[s] what she teaches, can’t stand to live the life of holiness demanded of us by Christ because it impinges on [my] ass-betting and makes [me] so unpopular amongst all the lefties [I] so earnestly desire to please”; who “advocate[s] for death and injustice” and is “so bitter, so hateful, so lacking in moral vision, so joyless” while possessing “such blinkered amoral reasoning”…

    …that’ll be a no, then.

    Thanks for the quote, Mel. Not quite in keeping with his comment @10 over here that “murder is murder and is always and everywhere wrong”, is it?

    I’ve not been following Bankstown as I expect they’d be like [email protected]:

    I get wound up about DEM because she claims to be Christian and supports abortion with negligable qualification.”

    These are people who think the principle of Freedom of Religion is a “negligible qualification”. Taking religion as seriously as I do, that’s an environment a little too scary for me.

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    And yes I can imagine a Muslim boy being placed with a gay couple. Not.

    Maybe the kid’s from Morrocco. The fags there are legendary. 🙂

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    What did I do? I’m in moderation. Don;t you guys like me anymore? 🙁

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    Sorry Adrien, the spam filter’s gone a bit silly, and right now it’s picking on you.

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